• In the Arabic anime dub, this card has been referred to by eight names:
    • العملاق المعذّب = The Tormenting Giant
    • العملاق المعذب = The Tormented Giant
    • المسلة القاهرة = The Overpowering Obelisk
    • العملاق القوى = Strong\Powerful Giant
    • مسلات التعذيب = Obelisks of Tormenting
    • العملاق الكاسر = The Breaker Giant
    • العملاق المخيف = The Dreadful Giant
    • المعذّب العملاق = The Giant Tormentor
  • In the Italian anime dub, this card is referred as "Obelisco del Tiranno" ("The Tyrant's Obelisk").
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