• In the Spanish dub of the anime, this card was known as "Dragón Blanco de Ojos Azules" and "Dragón Blanco Ojiazul".
  • In the Japanese anime, this card was called "Blue-Eyes Dragon."
  • When Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie: Pyramid of Light debuted in the Middle East it was customarily given Arabic subtitles. The subtitles were full of mistakes. One of them was the mistranslation of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon's" name to "Green-Eyes White Dragon" (التنين الأبيض أخضر العينين). As is the case with many poor English fan subbing of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime, since 「青」 can mean blue, green or black.
  • In the Swedish dub of the anime, this card's name wasn't changed from its English. However, directly translated it should have been "Blåa-Ögon Vit Drake".
  • Arabic dub name: Al-Tinnīn al-Abyaḍ Azraq al-‘Aynayn (التنين الأبيض أزرق العينين) = Blue-Eyed White Dragon.
    • Alternate Arabic dub name: Al-Tinnīn Blū Ãyz al-Abyad (التنين بلو آيز الأبيض) = White Dragon "Blue-Eyes". This name was used only in the first episode of the Virtual World saga.
    • Arabic sub name (Pyramid of Light): Al-Tinnīn al-Abyaḍ Akhḍar al-‘Aynayn (التنين الأبيض أخضر العينين) = Green-Eyes White Dragon.
  • In the Bulgarian translation of the anime, it was translated as Blue-Eyed White Dragon ( Синеок Бял Дракон )
  • While being called "Blauäugiger W. Drache" ("Blue-Eyed W. Dragon") in the translated TCG, in the German version of the anime this card was given the oddly long name "Weißer Drache mit Eiskaltem Blick" ("White Dragon with the Ice-cold Stare"), which takes longer to pronounce, leading to the name being pronounced really fast and some text being left out. Other "Blue-Eyes" related cards use the shorter translation. In the dub of The Dark Side of Dimensions, the card was later called "Blauäugiger Weißer Drache" ("Blue-Eyed White Dragon").
  • In the Croatian version of the anime, this card was first named "Blue-eyes Blueish Sky Dragon", and was later named "Blue-eyes Blueish Dragon" in all other namings during the first season. Afterwards, during the Battle City arc, with the many changes of voice actors and namings, this card regains it's correct translated name.
  • In the Hungarian dub of the Duel Monsters and Zexal anime, this card was named "Kékszemű Hósárkány" (Blue-Eyed Snow Dragon). However, in the GX anime, it was called "Kékszemű Fehérsárkány" (Blue-Eyed White Dragon).
  • In Serbian anime dub, his name is translated as Плави Плавооки Змај (Eng. Blue Blue Eyed Dragon, because of Dragon's blue color).
  • According to Bosnian translation, croatian and serbian dub, the name of this card is trasnlated as "Plavi plavooki zmaj" ili "Plavi Plavooki Nebeski Zmaj"
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