• This card's approximated Arabic name (التنّين اللامع أزرق العينين) translates to Blue-Eyed Shining Dragon.
  • In the German dub of the movie, this card is called "Schimmernder Blauaugendrache" ("Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon"). The TCG card however was called "Leuchtender Blauäugiger Drache" ("Blue-Eyed Shining Dragon").
  • In the movie, this card's portuguese name was "Dragão Luminoso de Olhos Azuis" (literally "Blue-Eyes Luminous Dragon"). "Luminoso" is the also the Portuguese name of the "Lightsworn" archetype. Strangely, in the TCG, this card's name was then changed to "Dragão dos Olhos Azuis Brilhantes" (literally "Dragon of the Shining Blue-Eyes"), with the word "Shining" referring to its eyes rather than the dragon itself. In the Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh reprint, this card was renamed "Dragão Brilhante de Olhos Azuis" (literally "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon").
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