Manticore of Darkness
(TCG - English—Worldwide)
Manticore of Darkness
(TCG - English—North America)
Manticore des Ténèbres
(TCG - French)
Manticore der Finsternis
(TCG - German)
Manticora dell'Oscurità
(TCG - Italian)
Mantícora das Trevas
(TCG - Portuguese)
Mantícora de Oscuridad
(TCG - Spanish)
(あん) (こく) のマンティコア
(OCG - Japanese)
Manticore of Darkness
(OCG - Asian-English)
(OCG - Chinese)
암흑의 만티코어
(OCG - Korean)
(あん) (こく) のマンティコア
(Video games - Japanese)
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