• In episode 93, this card is shown while Sherry LeBlanc explained that this card turned her life upside down as this card is the reason why her parents are gone from her life. Sherry grabs a man and questions him about this card. The man states he doesn't know, but Sherry throws him across the window and states the man and his group are chasing him because of this card. Right when she grabs him, the man states that he was ordered to get the card, but he doesn't know who hired him. Sherry later decides to analyze this card at Sector Security as per Elsworth's request. They would then trick the officers into thinking there are bombs around the Sector Security building, causing them to all evacuate. Yusei Fudo and Bruno get stuck in an elevator when Sherry and Elsworth take out the power. They are able to escape and they later find Sherry and Elsworth hacking a security panel that will get them into the database. Sherry goes in and Bruno follows. Elsworth links the security panel with his Duel Disk in order to make it so that Yusei has to beat Elsworth in order to get past him. As Sherry fights Bruno, his android self awakens, which allows him to beat Sherry into submission. Bruno then takes this card from Sherry and she protests to give it back. Bruno goes back to his old self and Z-one tells him to do what he is searching for. Bruno goes to the machine in the database room to scan it and find out information about it. Bruno explains that the machine is too difficult for Sherry which is why he is doing so. Sherry questions why, but Bruno states he doesn't know, however he states that everyone has the right to search for the truth. Yusei defeats Elsworth and they go inside the database room to stop Sherry. The analysis later reveals there is nothing special about this card which Sherry notes to be impossible. Right when Yusei and Elsworth arrive, a lightning typhoon vortex arrives and strikes the database machine, causing it to take Yusei, Sherry, and Bruno to a different dimension where they encounter Z-one. Later Yusei, Sherry, Bruno, and Elsworth were seen on a beach. Elsworth explains that they were already here when everyone got sent here.
  • In episode 103, this card appears in a flashback Sherry has when she explains to Team 5D's what happened at the Sector Security building that created a big storm.
  • In episode 117, Sherry takes this card out and places it on the control panel of the shuttle that she, Yusei, and Bruno were in after there is an explosion from the shuttle. By placing this card on the control panel, the shuttle returns to normal. However the shuttle's windows break and Sherry is swept out. Yusei grabs her hand, but he can't pull her back in. Sherry tells Yusei that he must promise to take care of her enemy before she loses her grip and gets thrown into the wormhole. Later Yusei and Bruno give this card to Elsworth and he feels guilty over not being able to save Sherry. Yusei and Bruno comfort him and tell him that Sherry hasn't decided to die yet. Elsworth later leaves to search for Sherry.
  • In episode 138, Elsworth gives this card to Crow Hogan and tells him that it was a safekeeping Sherry's father had given to her and requests that Crow gives this card to Sherry should they meet.
  • In episode 139, Crow gives this card to Sherry and tells her Elsworth told him to give this card to her as it was a memento from her father. After a conversation between Sherry, Crow, Akiza Izinski, Sherry is about to throw this card back to Crow, but Crow tells her to keep it as it's her card. Sherry questions Crow's decision on letting her keep such a powerful card, but Crow states he doesn't mind. Sherry shuffles this card into her Deck and prepares to Duel both Crow and Akiza. Sherry uses this card during her Ground Duel against Crow and Akiza. It is set face-down and it is later destroyed by the effect of "Black Rose Dragon". This activates this card's effect and Sherry claims this will lead her opponents to oblivion. In the next episode, Sherry uses this card's effect to banish "Soul-Binding Gate" and activate this card as "Soul-Binding Gate" (with its name and effects) and prevent this card from being destroyed by card effects. After Akiza summons "Crystal Rose Angel", this card destroys "Crystal Rose Angel" and inflicts 800 damage to all players. On Sherry's next turn, she summons "Necro Fleur". This card's effect then destroys "Necro Fleur" and inflicts 800 damage to all players. Sherry then activates the effect of "Necro Fleur" to Special Summon "Sorciere de Fleur". Sherry then activates the effect of "Sorciere de Fleur" to revive "Crystal Rose Angel" under her control. This card's effect then destroys "Crystal Rose Angel" and inflicts 800 damage to all players, but Crow activates "Chaos Life" to negate the decrease and force all players to gain Life Points equal to the damage they would have taken. On Akiza's next turn, she summons "Blue Rose Dragon". This card's effect then destroys "Blue Rose Dragon" and inflicts 800 damage to all players. Akiza then activates the effect of "Blue Rose Dragon" to revive "Black Rose Dragon" with its effects negated. After Crow Special Summons "Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado" via "Rendering Tuning", Crow activates the effect of "Hurricane the Tornado" to make its ATK the same as the ATK of "Black Rose Dragon" (this prevents "Hurricane the Tornado" from being destroyed by this card's effects). This card remained on the field until the Duel was over. After the Duel, Sherry looks at this card and promises her father she will do justice and agrees to help Crow and Akiza with their mission.
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, this card appears in a flashback Sherry has when she states that everything she experienced began because of this card. She states she wanted revenge against Iliaster, but the only proof and evidence she had is now gone thanks to the alterations in time.
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, this card appears in a flashback Sherry has when she reminds Crow and Akiza that the effect of "Black Rose Dragon" destroyed every card on the field and that included this card.
    • In the second above-mentioned episode, this card appears in a flashback Sherry has when she remembers what her father said about doing justice to make the future brighter.
    • In the second above-mentioned episode, Sherry tries to convince Crow to surrender by using this card to show Crow that Z-one can change the past, so that Zero Reverse never occurred and that would allow the children that Crow has been taking care of to be with their parents again. This made Crow hesitant on what he should do, but Akiza later convinces Crow that he can't surrender as Yusei saved Akiza from her Psychic powers because he put his life on the line to save her. Akiza tells Crow firmly that if a person believes in his/her own potential and live on, then they're bound to change the future. She tells him to believe in the future of those children and live with how things are to the fullest. She then asks him if that isn't how he thinks. Crow takes what Akiza said to heart, reflects on how Yusei and Jack have always helped him out, and apologizes to everyone for nearly making a mistake.
  • Throughout the series, Its heavily implied that the card has the power to transcend dimensions.
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