• In episode 1, Yuma Tsukumo uses this card during his Duel against Shark. He equips this card to "Gagaga Magician", increasing its ATK by 500. Later Shark activates the effect of "Skull Kraken" to destroy this card, decreasing the ATK of "Gagaga Magician" to its original value.
    • This card also appears on Yuma's desk at the beginning of the episode when he gathers up his cards before leaving.
    • Two copies of this card also can be seen after Yuma collides with a Litterbot.
  • In episode 2, this card appears in Astral's thoughts when he explains in detail to Yuma about the "Numbers" and how they work.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Yuma has when he introduces himself and explains his backstory.
  • In episode 7, two copies of this card are shown after Yuma's Deck case falls out of his school bag and his cards fall out.
  • In episode 10, this card is seen when Caswell Francis checks Yuma's Deck for his "Number" monsters (which were not present at the time due to Astral not being around at the time).
  • In episode 20, this card can be seen in Yuma's hand after he collapses during Bronk Stone's Duel against Number 96 while the latter was using Yuma's Deck (Number 96 was manipulating Yuma's body into conducting all his moves for him).
  • In episode 21, Yuma uses this card during his Duel against Lillybot while the latter was under a crook's control. He equips this card to "Gagaga Girl", increasing its ATK by 500. This allows Yuma to target this card and "Gagaga Magician for "Star Light, Star Bright" during the last turn of the Duel. After Yuma overlays "Gagaga Girl" and "Gagaga Magician" in order to Xyz Summon "Number 39: Utopia", this card is destroyed.
  • In episode 37, this card is shown in Yuma's hand during his Duel against Dextra and Nistro. He discards this card in order to activate the second effect of "Gagaga Gardna" in response to "Blade Bounzer" attacking "Gagaga Gardna" at an unspecified point.


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