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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • In episode 1, Yuya Sakaki plays this card in his Action Duel against The Sledgehammer. He activates this card, finding and then sending two copies of "Evasion" and one copy of "Miracle" to place 3 counters on this card. He sends this card to the Graveyard and targets "Battleguard King". It loses 1000 ATK for each counter that was on this card until the End Phase of this turn. Since this card had 3 counters when it was sent to the Graveyard, "Battleguard King" loses 3000 ATK, reducing its ATK from 3000 to 0, until the End Phase of Yuya's turn.
  • In episode 2, this card is seen in Yuya Sakaki's hand in his Action Duel against Zuzu Boyle.
  • In episode 22, this card is seen scattered on the floor while Yuya is constructing his deck.
  • In episode 112, Yusho Sakaki plays this card during his duel against Dennis McField. It is summoned face-down as a monster, from his hand, by the effect of "Miraculous Hats", which Yusho activates when Dennis declares a direct attack.