Dawn of the Duel

  • In episode 223, this card appears in a flashback Yugi has when he remembers Atem summoning this card. When Yugi was trying to figure out what monster that Atem brought back to his hand via "Awakening from Beyond", he first guesses that it was this card, but then he realizes that can't be correct. (Because Atem needed to discard a card to Special Summon this card and he can't do that because he only had one card in his hand. Yugi also noted that even if Atem had the correct Summoning conditions for this card, it wouldn't be enough to destroy "Buster Blader" even if it was weakened by the effect of "Archfiend of Gilfer".) Atem then revealed that the card he returned to his hand was "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight". He then explains that he knew Yugi would destroy the Egyptian Gods and that was just the first part of their Ceremonial Battle.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

  • "The Tricky" was also used by Yugi two times. The first time was when it was special summoned with its effect in defense position against "The Wicked Dreadroot". The other time it was special summoned was against "The Wicked Avatar" in which Yugi attempted to defeat the "The Wicked Avatar" by playing "Union Attack", combining this card and "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" for an attack power of 4700.
  • In both duels this card was used in, Yugi used his effect to discard the "Egyptian Gods" in order to Special Summon them later with "Monster Reborn". In the first case, it was "The Winged Dragon of Ra" and in the second case, "Obelisk the Tormentor".

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In the second version of the anime's opening 99%, this card is seen.

Video Games

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