Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V


Duel Academy

  • In episode 136, Z-ARC uses this card during his 1-on-2 Action Duel against Aster Phoenix and Sora Perse.
    • Using the effect of "Astrograph Sorcerer" on the fourth turn, he Integration Summons this card by banishing "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" from his deck as well as "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" from his Extra Deck. This card's first effect activates, destroying Aster and Sora's monsters and inflicting damage to them equal to the destroyed monsters' ATK. Aster and Sora lose as a result; at that point, Kite Tenjo and Shay Obsidian join the duel on 2000 Life Points each.
    • In the following episode, when Shay Xyz Summons on his turn, Z-ARC uses "Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion's" effect to allow him to Xyz Summon it during this turn while he controls this card, and he proceeds to overlay his two "Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm" to Xyz Summon. Shay then has his "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon", at 6600 ATK, attack this card. Z-ARC detaches an Overlay Unit from "Supreme Dark Rebellion" to reduce "Rise Falcon's" ATK to 0, and gain the ATK reduced, making "Supreme Dark Rebellion's" ATK 9100. Shay activates the "Overlay Burst Armor" Quick-Play Spell, detaching "Rise Falcon's" remaining Overlay Units to spare "Rise Falcon" from destruction and take no battle damage. On Kite's turn, he tries to take control of "Supreme Dark Rebellion" using the effect of his "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", but this card's second effect makes Z-ARC's monsters unaffected by the effects of Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters that Z-ARC's opponents control. On Z-ARC's turn, he returns "Supreme Dark Rebellion" to his Extra Deck, Special Summons two "Darkwurms" from his Graveyard, and reduces the ATK of Kite and Shay's Xyz Monsters to 0. This card's third effect destroys Action Cards that Kite and Shay collect before they can use them, and the "Darkwurms'" attacks land successfully, removing Kite and Shay from the duel. At this point, Gong Strong and Jack Atlas join the duel on 2000 Life Points each.
    • In the following episode, when Jack Synchro Summons on his turn, Z-ARC uses "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing's" effect to Synchro Summon it during this turn while he controls this card, by tributing his two "Darkwurms". Four turns later, this card attacks and destroys Jack's "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend", removing Jack from the duel. At this point, Sylvio Sawatari and Crow Hogan join the duel on 2000 Life Points each.
    • In the following episode, because this card destroyed a monster by battle, its fourth effect activates, allowing Z-ARC to Special Summon two "Supreme King Dragon" monsters from his Extra Deck; he summons his two "Darkwurms". When Crow Synchro Summons on his turn, Z-ARC brings back "Supreme Clear Wing" from his Graveyard by tributing his two "Darkwurms". Crow later summons "Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling" and has it attack "Supreme Clear Wing", it is destroyed, so Z-ARC activates "Supreme Face-off", forcing "Chidori" to attack again. "Chidori" attacks this card and is destroyed, allowing Z-ARC to revive his two "Darkwurms" using this card's fourth effect again. When Sylvio Pendulum Summons on his turn, Z-ARC uses "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes'" effect to Special Summon it from his deck while he controls this card, by tributing his two "Darkwurms". Sylvio then uses the effect of "Abyss Actor - Superstar" to add an "Abyss Script" card to his hand, but this card's third effect destroys the card just added. Sylvio then activates "Abyss Script - Rise of the Abyss King" which he Set from his Graveyard by the effect of "Abyss Script - Abysstainment", attempting to destroy this card with it, but is spared destruction by "Supreme Odd-Eyes'" effect. Sylvio tries again after tributing an "Abyss Actor" monster, but this card's fifth effect prevents it from leaving the field while Z-ARC's opponent has Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monsters that are banished or in their Graveyards. Z-ARC sends "Supreme Face-off" to the Graveyard, forcing "Superstar" and "Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower" to attack this card. Both are destroyed; removing Crow and Sylvio from the duel.
    • In the following episode, Declan Akaba joins the duel on 2000 Life Points. On his turn, Declan Xyz Summons "D/D/D Wave High King Caesar", Synchro Summons "D/D/D Gust High King Alexander" and Fusion Summons "D/D/D Flame High King Genghis" in succession. This doubles "Alexander's" ATK to 6000 because Declan controls two other "D/D" monsters. Z-ARC responds by returning "Supreme Odd-Eyes" to his Extra Deck to Special Summon his two "Darkwurms" again. Because a monster was Special Summoned, Declan then activates "Caesar's" effect, detaching an Overlay Unit to increase "Caesar's" ATK to 4600. "Caesar's" other effect activates, detaching the last Overlay Unit to increase another "D/D" monster's ATK by the same amount; Declan chooses his "Genghis", whose ATK subsequently rises to 4600. Declan's three monsters attack this card; though it is not destroyed, Z-ARC takes damage nonetheless and his Life Points read 2800. When Declan ends his turn, Z-ARC activates "Supreme Rage", destroying all monsters he controls except this card in order to Special Summon four "Supreme King Dragon" monsters with different names from his Extra Deck and/or Graveyard ("Odd-Eyes", "Clear Wing", "Dark Rebellion" and "Starving Venom"). Two "Darkwurms" are also attached to "Dark Rebellion" as Overlay Units.
    • On Z-ARC's next turn, this card attacks and destroys the "D/D Savant Schrödinger" that Declan summoned on his turn, and due to the effect of "Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom", inflicts piercing damage on Declan, enough to remove him from the duel. At this point, Riley Akaba (possessed by the spirit of Ray Akaba) joins the duel on 2000 Life Points. Under the successive effects of "En Birds", "En Winds" and "En Moon", all of which are activated by Riley on her turn, this card loses its Xyz, Synchro and Fusion designations. Then, Riley activates "En Flowers", whose effect destroys all monsters Z-ARC controls and inflicts 600 damage to him for each monster sent to the Graveyard. This card and "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes" retreat to the Extra Deck, allowing Z-ARC to survive with 1000 Life Points.
    • Yuya Sakaki suppresses Z-ARC on his next turn. He activates "Smile Universe" to summon this card and "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes" from his Extra Deck. (This is a mistake because this card's anime text specifies it as a Nomi monster.) Due to "Smile Universe's" effect, they are treated as Normal Monsters instead of Pendulum Monsters. On Riley's next turn, she activates "En Flowers" again, destroying this card and "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes", and inflicting enough damage to defeat Z-ARC.
  • At the end of episode 142, Yuya realizes that he is Z-ARC, and this monster appears before him in his memories.
  • In episode 145, this card appears in a flashback to the Lancers' duel against Z-ARC, which Yuya remembers and blames himself for, upon returning to the Fusion Dimension for the first time since that duel.
  • In episode 146, during Yuya's second rematch with Jack Atlas, this card reappears in Yuya's memories of being Z-ARC, and Yuya decides against summoning "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".
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