(In this series, this card caused the player to lose 500 Life Points per monster summoned instead of 1000. It also only forbade the Summoned monsters from attacking that turn, rather than locking the player out of their Battle Phase completely that turn.)

  • In episode 176, Rafael uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He uses this card to revive his "Backup Gardna", "Guardian Elma", and "Guardian Kay'Est" and lose 500 Life Points for each monster revived this way. With three revived, Rafael loses 1500 Life Points, allowing Yami Yugi to win the Duel. According to Kaiba, Rafael did this on purpose as part of his plan to remove all of his monsters from his Graveyard as an apology to them for sacrificing them earlier to "Guardian Dreadscythe", since monsters summoned by this card cannot attack this turn.


(In this series, this card used its OCG/TCG effect.)

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