• In episode 79, Bonz uses this card during his duel against Yami Bakura. He activates this card as soon as Yami Bakura started his turn. Yami Bakura then activates "Spiritualistic Medium", discarding his entire hand to power up "The Earl of Demise" by 500 ATK for each card discarded. Because four cards were sent to the Graveyard through "Spiritualistic Medium", "The Earl of Demise" gained 2000 ATK and this card inflicted 1200 damage to Yami Bakura. "The Earl of Demise" then attacks and destroys "Great Mammoth of Goldfine". This card's effect then activated, inflicting 300 damage to Bonz. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • In episode 88, this card appears in a flashback Marik Ishtar has when he remembers having his Rare Hunters test out the counterfeit versions of "The Winged Dragon of Ra". As they were counterfeits, the fake cards only caused the Rare Hunters to be killed by a bolt of lightning.

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