• In episode 70, Umbra uses this card during his Tag Duel with Lumis against Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba. He Summons in Defense Position. Lumis then equips this card with Mask of Brutality, increasing its ATK by 1000. Umbra then activates "Masked Doll" so that he would not have to pay any Life Points to keep "Mask of Brutality" on the field. In the next episode, Umbra switches this card to Attack Position. This card then attacks "Vorse Raider", but Kaiba activates "Ring of Destruction" to destroy this card and inflict its ATK as damage to both players, however Lumis activates "Curse Transfer" to switch the target of "Ring of Destruction" to "Vorse Raider", destroying it instead. Kaiba then activates "Ring of Defense" to protect him from the damage inflicted by "Ring of Destruction's" effect, but Umbra activates "Spell Transfer" to negate the effect of "Ring of Defense" and activate its effect as the effect of "Spell Transfer", allowing Umbra to protect himself from the damage inflicted by "Ring of Destruction". A replay occurs and Umbra uses this card to attack Kaiba directly, but Yugi activates "Multiply" which creates a "Kuriboh" wall that protects Kaiba from the attack. Later Umbra activates "Curse of the Masked Beast" to Tribute this card and Lumis's "Grand Tiki Elder" in order to Ritual Summon "The Masked Beast".
  • In episode 88, this card appears in a flashback Marik Ishtar has when he remembers having his Rare Hunters test out the counterfeit versions of "The Winged Dragon of Ra". As they were counterfeits, the fake cards only caused the Rare Hunters to be killed by a bolt of lightning.
  • Although its attack name is not known, it was seen gathering light energy in its hands and about to throw the light bomb.

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