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  • In episode 38, Misty Tredwell uses this card during her Ground Duel against Akiza Izinski. After this card is activated, Misty activates "Field Barrier" to protect it from being destroyed. After "Reptilianne Gorgon" attacks "Black Rose Dragon" ("Reptilianne Gorgon" isn't destroyed due to "Molting Escape"), the ATK of "Black Rose Dragon" decerases to 0 and Akiza becomes forbidden from changing her monster's Battle Position. Due to this card's first effect, Misty gains 300 Life Points at the end of the Damage Step. In the next episode, "Black Rose Dragon" attacks "Reptilianne Gorgon" due to this card's second effect. "Reptilianne Gorgon" then destroys this card. At the end of the Damage Step, this card increases Akiza's Life Points by 300. Later Akiza activates the first effect of "Black Rose Dragon" to destroy all cards on the field, but this card wasn't destroyed as "Field Barrier" protected it from being destroyed. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • In episode 40, this card appears in a flashback Akiza has after she remembers that Sayer is gone. Akiza, devastated at knowing this, stated she no longer needed to think after meeting Sayer because he would have done the thinking for her.
  • In episode 42, this card appears in a flashback Akiza has when she remembers Misty claiming to Akiza that her brother was killed when he went to see Akiza Duel in the Daimon Area.
  • In episode 60, this card appears in a flashback Akiza has when she explains to Mina Simington that Misty talked to her before about how she killed her brother even though she never remembered doing that.

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