• Power Bond was given to Syrus by Zane. Syrus used it to summon Steam Gyroid in a flashback, but Zane Interupted the duel knowing Syrus' attack would be canceled by Spellbinding Circle and he would lose due to the damage Power Bond inflicts. Since then Syrus has felt unworthy of playing it.
  • Syrus' could have used Power Bond to summon Steam Gyroid while dueling Jaden, but felt unworthy, as Zane had so told him, and instead used Polymerization. This choice caused him to be avoidably defeated.
  • Disgusted by Syrus' attitude Jaden dueled Zane, who used Power Bond to Summon Cyber End Dragon and defeat Jaden.
  • Syrus tried to get Jaden to include Power Bond in his deck for Jaden's school duel against North Academy.
  • Zane used Power Bond while dueling Jaden for the second time. He used Cyber Kirin to avoid the damage from Power Bond.
  • Before dueling Missy Syrus lost confidence and gave Power Bond to Chazz to give to Jaden. After Syrus defeated Missy, Jaden returned the card to Syrus.
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