• In episode 45, Nelson uses this card during his Duel against Nistro. After Nistro activates the effect of "Heroic Challenger - Spartan" to make it gain ATK equal to the ATK of all other face-up copies, Nelson activates "Change to Jet Iron" to Tribute this card, "Esper Star Sparrow", "Beast-Warrior Puma", and "Ironhammer the Giant" in order to Special Summon "Dimensional Jet Iron". After Nistro equips "Heroic Retribution Sword" to "Heroic Challenger - Spartan", Nelson activates the second effect of "Dimensional Jet Iron" to Tribute itself and revive this card, "Esper Star Sparrow", "Beast-Warrior Puma", and "Ironhammer the Giant". Nelson then activates this card's first effect to draw a card. On Nelson's next turn, he activates "Galaxy Queen's Light" to target "Esper Star Sparrow" and make the Levels of all other monsters on his field Level 10 (the same Level as "Esper Star Sparrow"). Nelson then overlays this card, "Esper Star Sparrow", and "Ironhammer the Giant" in order to Xyz Summon "Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer".
    • This card also appears in a flashback Astral has when he recognizes this card and his fellow comrades used by Nelson. Astral states that recalling that match makes his heart be filled with joy.
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