Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • In the anime, this card's effect extends to all monsters, not just Plant monsters.

Video games

Scripted Duels

  • In the non-canon duel YCS Providence 2012 Special: Yusei vs. Akiza, Akiza chains this card to her "Wicked Rebirth" targeting her "Black Rose Dragon", allowing "Black Rose Dragon" to gain 1000 ATK when it was Special Summoned. This ATK increase prevents Yusei's "Stardust Dragon" from destroying "Black Rose Dragon" by battle. Later, when "Black Rose Dragon" is summoned from the Graveyard for the second time by "Wicked Rebirth's" second effect, this card increases "Black Rose Dragon's" ATK again. The next turn, "Overdoom Line" is destroyed by its own effect.
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