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  • In episode 70, when Dr. Faker Xyz Summoned this card, he used its effect to change each monster his opponents controlled into Defense Position. Dr. Faker later attacked "Number 32: Shark Drake" with this card, declaring that this card can inflict effect damage equal to the battle damage he would take, and reduce the damage he takes to 0. Shark activated "Escape Lure" to change the attack target of "Number 92" to Yuma's "Number 39: Utopia" and halve the damage. Yuma then activated "Half Unbreak" to halve the damage again, reducing the damage to 500 and Faker gains life points equal to the damage. When Kite Xyz Summoned "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", it negated the effects of "Number 92" and destroyed it, dropping Faker to 150 Life Points as a result. Barian then took over and Special Summoned this monster back onto the field.
  • In episode 71, this monster's ATK increased to 4000 once it was Special Summon back to the field, and it also shifted "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" into Defense Position. When Kite activated "Photon Escape" and banished "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" from the field, this card gained 1000 more ATK points. When Yuma Normal Summoned "ZW - Ultimate Shield" and managed to Special Summon "Number 39", "Number 32" and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" back to the field with their effects negated, this card's ATK dropped to 2000. Yuma attacked this monster three times with "Number C39: Utopia Ray" through the effects of "ZW - Ultimate Shield" and Barian's "Barian's Battle Buster". Yuma used the remaining effect of "ZW - Ultimate Shield" to increase the ATK of "Utopia Ray" to 16600 and negating this card's effects, destroying "Number 92" and winning his team the Duel.
  • This card's attack name is called Heart Break Cannon.
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