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  • In episode 69, Dr. Faker summoned this card by overlaying 3 copies of "Garbage Lord" on his first turn of the duel. He used it effect to gaining the ATK equal to "Number 39: Utopia" when Yuma attacked this card with the other Number. Dr. Faker was then recovered the amount equal to the damage he dealt to Yuma/Kite/Shark as this Number monster's ATK returned to normal. During Shark's turn, Dr. Faker detached an Xyz Material from this card to inflict damage equal to the damage he took through the attack. Kite was able to defeat the Number, but it was instantly replaced by Number 92: Fake-Body God Dragon, Heart-eartH Dragon thanks to its special abilities.
  • This card's attack name is Fake Burn.
  • In the anime, when this card activates its effect when its attacked, the graveyard opens up beneath it and a monster (Garbage Ogre) appears from the grave and is absorbed into the upside-down heart on the center of this monster which is to show that that monster had been equipped to it. After that, this monster then gains ATK equal to the ATK of the monster attacking it. When this card is activating its effect to prevent its destruction, the monster equipped to it drops out from this monster's heart and falls into the grave, and debris emerge from the grave which reforms the parts of this monster that was destroyed, restoring it. When this monster activates an effect that requires it to detach an Xyz material, it absorbs that Xyz material through its heart, and if it would inflict damage to the opponent by its effect, it shoots out a tornado of debris at the opponent, damaging them.
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