• This card also had different artwork compared to its TCG/OCG artwork.

Duelist Kingdom

  • In episode 38, this card is shown in Yami Yugi's hand during his Duel against Maximillion Pegasus. In the next episode, "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" tries to equip itself with "Magician of Black Chaos", but Yami activates this card to turn his "Kuriboh" into a "Kuriboh" wall that would protect "Magician of Black Chaos". As a result of this, "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" had no choice but to absorb the "Kuribohs". After "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" gained the ATK of "Kuriboh", the "Kuribohs" all self destructed which resulted in "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" being blinded and its effects negated. Yugi then takes damage equal to the ATK of "Kuriboh" and his "Magician of Black Chaos" becomes free from the effect of "Thousand-Eyes Restrict".

Legendary Heroes

  • In episode 45, Yami Yugi activates this card when his "Catapult Turtle" launches "Kuriboh" at the "Great Moths". This turns "Kuriboh" into a Kuriboh army that explodes on the "Great Moths" upon making physical contact with the moths. This defeats the "Great Moths" and allows Yugi and his friends to continue forward.

Battle City

  • In episode 71, Yugi uses this card during his Tag Duel with Kaiba against Lumis and Umbra. When "Shining Abyss" attacks Kaiba directly, Yugi activates this card to turn his "Kuriboh" into a "Kuriboh" army that blocked off the attack made by "Shining Abyss". Later Lumis activates "Mask of Dispel" to target this card and negate its effect while "Mask of Dispel" is face-up on the field. Due to this, the "Kuriboh" shield was reduced back down to one "Kuriboh". This card remained on the field for the next two episodes until the Duel was over.

Virtual World

  • In episode 99, this card appears when Yami Yugi was building his Virtual World Deck for his Duel against Gansley.

Battle City Finals

Waking the Dragons

  • In episode 182, Yami Yugi uses this card in the battle against The Great Leviathan. After the chosen Duelists' first attempt to defeat The Great Leviathan failed. Yami Yugi has "Timaeus" absorb the power of this card and "Kuriboh". "Timaeus" then attacks the Great Leviathan, but the attack fails to destroy it.

Grand Championship

Dawn of the Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

In this anime, this card used its TCG/OCG effect.

Scripted Duels


In the Spanish anime dub, this card was known as "Multiplicación", while in the dub for American Spanish-speaking countries, it was known as "Multiplícate".

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