• In episode 142, Aporia uses this card during his Ground Duel against Jack Atlas, Leo, and Luna. He Special Summons this card via its own effect as he controlled at least 3 Meklord monsters. The effect of "Level Cannon" activates (which would inflict 2000 damage to Aporia due to this card being Level 10), but the effect of "Meklord Army of Skiel" nullifies the damage since the damage was at least 1000. Due to this card's first effect, its ATK becomes 4600. After the second Defense Position effect of "Staplen" switches "Staplen" to Attack Position and switches "Meklord Army of Skiel" and "Meklord Army of Granel" to Defense Position, this card's ATK decreases to 1800. After "Meklord Army of Wisel" attacks and destroys "Staplen", the Attack Position effect of "Staplen" decreases the ATK of "Meklord Army of Wisel" by 300 (which decreases this card's ATK by 300). This card then attacks Leo directly. After Leo activates "Double Ripple" to Special Summon "Power Tool Dragon" and Luna's "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to their respective owners' side of the field. The effect of "Level Cannon" and this card then activate, causing Leo to take 3800 damage (as both "Ancient Fairy Dragon" and "Life Stream Dragon" are Level 7 for the effect of "Level Cannon") and lose the Duel. The Defense Position effect of "Morphtronic Lantron" then activates, which returns Leo into the Duel after the gamble with the Defense Position effect of "Lantron" succeeds. In the next episode, the final effect of this card activates due to Leo Special Summoning "Life Stream Dragon", but the second effect of "Life Stream Dragon" nullifies the damage. After Leo activates the first effect of "Life Stream Dragon" to make all players' Life Points that are under 2000 become 2000, "Life Stream Dragon" attacks this card, but Aporia activates this card's third effect to send "Meklord Army of Skiel" to the Graveyard and prevent this card from being destroyed, however Aporia still takes Battle Damage. Aporia, in response to the damage, activates "Cursed Synchro" to prevent Synchro Monsters from attacking. Later "Red Nova Dragon" (whose ATK was 5500 due to its own effect) attacks this card, but Aporia activates "Chaos Infinity" to switch all Monsters to Attack Position and Special Summon "Meklord Army of Skiel" and "Meklord Astro Mekanikle" from his Graveyard and Deck respectively. This makes the ATK of this card 8300. Leo then activates "Synchro Big Tornado" to decrease the ATK of this card by the DEF of "Life Stream Dragon" and Luna activates "Fairy Breath" to increase the DEF of "Life Stream Dragon" by 3000. "Synchro Big Tornado" then decreases the ATK of this card to 2900. "Red Nova Dragon" then destroys this card, winning Jack, Leo, and Luna the Duel.
  • Its attack is called Infinity Nemesis Stream.
  • Its effect is called Nemesis Tornado.
  • In the anime, Jack states this to be the ultimate Meklord Emperor monster.
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