• In episode 191, Joey Wheeler uses this card during his duel against Zigfried von Schroeder. He Tribute Summons this card by Tributing "Swordsman of Landstar". Joey then used this card's effect to roll a die and increase this card's ATK by the die result times 200. Joey gets a 6, so this card gains 1200 ATK. Joey then Special Summons "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" by Tributing "Sasuke Samurai" (who was affected by the effect of "Star Blaster"). Joey then uses this card to attack "Valkyrie Brunhilde" (whose ATK was 2400 due to its own effect), but Zigfried decreases the DEF of "Valkyrie Brunhilde" by 1000 in order to prevent its destruction, however Zigfried still takes Battle Damage from the attack. "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" then attacks and destroys "Valkyrie Erste". Zigfried then activates "Enchanted Sword Nothung", equipping it to "Valkyrie Brunhilde" and increasing its ATK by 400 as well as banishing "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" from the field. The ATK of "Valkyrie Brunhilde" then decreases by 300. Zigfried then activates "Rainbow Bridge Bifrost" to increase the ATK of "Brunhilde" by 500 for each monster that was currently banished. Since Joey had five monsters banished, "Brunhilde" gains 2500 ATK. "Valkyrie Brunhilde" then attacks this card, but Joey activates "Compensation Mediation" to force Zigfried to select two Spell/Trap Cards in his Graveyard and set them and "Compensation Mediation" face-down. Joey then chooses a card, but it turns out to be "Swan Maiden" instead of "Compensation Mediation". Because of this, the effect of "Compensation Mediation" is negated. "Valkyrie Brunhilde" then destroys this card, defeating Joey.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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