Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 16, Brier uses this card during his duel against an Obelisk Blue student. Brier then uses this card to attack his opponent's "Marauding Captain", but the Obelisk Blue student activates "Reinforcements" to increase the ATK of "Marauding Captain" by 500. "Marauding Captain" then destroys this card, defeating Brier. Had Brier activated "Earthquake", he would have won the duel, however his bad case of stage fright caused him not to play "Earthquake".
  • In episode 17, two copies of this card are shown in Damon's flashback where it was shown going down a waterfall as part of Damon's training montage.
  • In episode 173, this card is used by the first opponent that Chazz Princeton faces during a vision Duel in the World of Darkness. After Chazz summons "Ojama Yellow", his opponent summons this card. This card then attacks and destroys "Ojama Yellow". This card then inflicts piercing damage to Chazz, defeating him.
  • In episode 178, Jaden reaches out to everyone trapped in the World of Darkness. Chazz hears his voice while he is dueling and draws the top card of his Deck which is "Ojama Yellow". Chazz realizes whatever he is seeing is not real as he has not carried anything out yet. Because of this, Chazz gladly summons "Ojama Yellow". His opponent then summons this card and then uses it to destroy "Ojama Yellow". The duel would end in defeat for Chazz, but this time Chazz is no longer worried about what result his duels will be because even if he loses and be forced to retire, he would start from the bottom again and try harder to prove that he still has what it takes to be a Pro League Duelist.
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