• This card did not change the battle position of an opponent's monster. It equipped itself onto a targeted monster, increasing its ATK by 500, as well as increasing the ATK of all other of the controller's monsters by 500 until the End Phase.
  • The weapon shown in this card's artwork is usually shown wrapping itself around and immobilizing the opponent.

Duelist Kingdom

  • In episode 3, Joey Wheeler trades for this card on the boat to Duelist Kingdom. Joey later shows Yugi Muto the cards he got from trading with the passengers on the boat and this card is shown among the cards Joey shows.
    • This card is also shown when a boy is shown trading cards with another boy while the ship was heading for Duelist Kingdom.
  • In episode 6, this card appears in a flashback Joey has when he remembers Yugi giving him the "Time Wizard" card during the ride to Duelist Kingdom as well as Yugi saying to him there are some things that you can see that can't actually be seen.
  • In episode 33, this card is shown in Joey's hand during his Duel against Yami Yugi. In the next episode, Yugi's "Dark Magician" attacks "Baby Dragon", but Joey activates this card and equips it onto "Garoozis", increasing its ATK by 500 and immobilizing "Dark Magician". This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.

Legendary Heroes

Dungeon Dice Monsters

  • In episode 46, this card is shown on some TV monitors that were showing the Duels that occurred in Duelist Kingdom.

Battle City

  • In episode 69, Joey uses this card during his Duel against Mako Tsunami. When Mako's "Fortress Whale" attack Joey's "Panther Warrior", Joey activates this card to equip it onto "Panther Warrior" and increase its ATK by 500. Later Joey activates "Giant Trunade" to return all Spell and Trap Cards to their owners' hands.
  • In episode 74, this card appears within a series of flashbacks that show all of Joey's Duels in Battle City.

Virtual World

Battle City Finals

  • In episode 124, this card is shown in a flashback that Joey has when he remembers all the Duelists he faced on his way to the Battle City Finals.

Waking the Dragons

  • In episode 161, this card is shown in a series of flashbacks that Joey has when he recalls all of the hardship that he endured in the past and explains to Rex that anybody who loses so many times should keep trying and never give up.

Scripted Duels

Video games

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