Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 115, this card's spirit led Jesse Anderson to his owner, Tom. Jesse after finding Tom, asks what happened. Tom explains that Trapper stole this card from him and that this card meant a lot to him. Jesse explains that this card's spirit led him to here and he promises that he would help Tom find this card and return it to him.
    • Strangely this card is shown in the scattered remains of Tom's Deck even though it was established that Trapper had already stolen this card from him at that point.
  • In episode 116, Trapper reveals this card to Jesse during their Duel when Jesse was about to win. This made Jesse realize that Trapper stole this card from Tom. Trapper declares that he will rip this card up if Jesse defeats him. Jesse, not wanting that to happen, goes on defense. Later Jaden Yuki rescues this card by knocking Trapper away and snatching it from Trapper's hand. This allows Jesse to become free to end the Duel.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Trapper has when he explains to Jesse that back then he had an interest in Jesse because they both could see Duel Monster Spirits.
  • Jerry Beans Man's owner, Tom, may be a reference to the cartoon Tom and Jerry.

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