• In chapter 22, Kalin owned the replica card when Yusei and Jack was impressed by its pressure and ordered the former to return it to Jack. It then disappeared and was destroyed afterward.
  • In chapter 31, a flashback revealed that Rex passed this Blank card to Jack, which instantly took form. Later, Kalin stole it and escaped from the prison.
  • In chapter 32, Jack managed to summon this card on his second turn of the duel against Kalin, used its attack to delete Kalin's remaining Life Points. However, Kalin used "Zero Gate of the Void" to prevent himself from losing the duel with the aid of "Void Ogre Dragon".
  • In chapter 33, Jack tried to using the effect of this card to destroy Kalin's "Void Ogre Dragon", but the latter used the effect of "Infernity Bishop" to prevent the destruction on "Void Ogre Dragon" while his "Curse Fire King - Burst Cursed" was destroyed. On the next turn, Jack activated "Champion's Majesty" to equipping on this card so he could using its effect without worry and increased it ATK to 6500 instead. He then attacked Kalin with him, ended the game.
  • In chapter 46, Rex Summons "Drascension the Supreme Sky Dragon" with 5000 ATK, destroying this card with its attack. In the next turn, Jack revives it with "Monster Reborn", and activates its effect, but fails to destroy "Dragoascension" due to its last effect. Since it failed to destroy a monster, it couldn't attack on that turn.
  • In chapter 47, Rex attacks this card again with "Dragoascension", but Jack protects it with "Synchro Libido". Once more, Jack activates this card's effect, but fails to destroy "Dragoascension". In that moment, since Rex Summoned the Synchro Materials of "Dragoascension" back to avoid this card's effect, Jack activates "Clinch Reborn" to bring his "Dark Highlander" back. After Rex gets rid of "Dark Highlander", he attacks this card with "Dragoascension", whose ATK was at 12000.
  • Jack used this card in a Scripted Duel against Aster Phoenix during the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Qualifiers.
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