Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • In episode 130, Yuri plays this card during his duel against Yugo, Kite Tenjo and Aster Phoenix. After Kite takes control of Yuri's "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" using "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", Yuri activates "Super Polymerization", fusing his "Predaplant Sarraceniant" with "Starving Venom" under Kite's control, in order to Fusion Summon this card. This card's effect then targets Aster's "Destiny HERO - Dusktopia" for reduction to 0 ATK and negation of its effect; Yugo responds by negating and destroying this card with "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon". Because this card was destroyed, its other effect activates, destroying all monsters on the field and inflicting damage to their controllers equal to the destroyed monsters' ATK. Aster activates "Dusktopia's" effect, choosing to spare "Crystal Wing" from destruction. "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" and "Dusktopia" are destroyed, inflicting enough damage on Kite and Aster to remove them from the duel. In the following episode, while it is still Yuri's turn, he has this card's third effect banish "Sarraceniant" to revive this card; On Yugo's turn, his "Crystal Wing" attacks this card; "Crystal Wing's" ATK rises to 6300 during damage calculation, allowing it to destroy this card. This card's second effect then destroys "Crystal Wing" and inflicts 3000 damage to Yugo. Yuri then uses this card's third effect to banish "Starving Venom" and revive this card again. Yugo activates his face-down "Extra Shave Reborn" to revive his "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon"; after it gains ATK by its own effect, it attacks and destroys this card. Yuri activates "Predaplant Drosophyllum Hydra" in his Graveyard, halving the battle damage he takes.
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