• In episode 36, Playmaker uses this card during his Master Duel against Specter. He Link Summons this card by linking "Digitron" with Link-2 "Multi Sledgehammer". Playmaker uses this card's effect to block the two empty Monster Zones that Specter's "Sunavalon Daphne" was pointing to. In the next episode, Specter's "Sunvine Thrasher" attacks this card but Playmaker activates "Overload Anchor" to prevent this card's destruction and halve the damage he takes. On Specter's next turn, his "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay" attacks this card; Playmaker makes this card's ATK the same as "Dryatrentiay" using "Link Surge Counter", resulting in a double KO. On Playmaker's next turn, he revives this card using "Talkback Lancer" and then activates "Link Atrocity" to Tribute "Talkback Lancer" and have this card gain ATK equal to "Talkback Lancer's". This card then attacks "Dryatrentiay", with "Link Atrocity's" other effect weakening "Dryatrentiay" by 400 ATK for each Link Monster in either player's Graveyard (fourteen of them, so "Dryatrentiay's" ATK becomes 0, and Playmaker wins the duel.
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