• In episode 58, Carly Carmine uses this card during her Turbo Duel with Jack Atlas. After "Fortune Lady Earth" (whose ATK was 2800 due to its first effect) attacks and destroys "Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow" (whose ATK was 2400 due to its own effect), Carly activates this card, which emits a light that blinds Jack and allows "Fortune Lady Earth" to attack again. He then sees a vision where he apparently loses the Duel, becomes a Dark Signer and assists them in defeating the Signer Dragons and the Crimson Dragon. In reality, the Duel hasn't reached the end yet. Carly explains to Jack that when she chose this card, she was able to understand all on why she became a Dark Signer and what she could gain by fighting Jack: So that they could go to their ideal future. "Fortune Lady Earth" attacks directly. Jack then sees Carly's glasses on the ground and snaps out of the vision and this allows him to break out of the trance he was in. Jack then activates "Changing Destiny" to negate the attack.
    • In a flashback that Carly has, an unknown voice gives this card to Carly while she was wondering why she was a Dark Signer. The voice claims to Carly that if she wishes to know why, then she must tell her fortune about the fate that was been allotted to her. She takes this card out of her Deck and her sclerae become that of the Dark Signers.
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