Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • In episode 1, this card appeared on a monitor when the rules and mechanics of a Turbo Duel were being explained. In this case, this card and "Speed Spell - Vision Wind" were used to explain the difference between a regular Spell Card and a Speed Spell Card.
  • In episode 29, this card is seen in Jack Atlas's hand during his Ground Duel against Tetsu Trudge while the latter was a Shadow Drone and while the former had assistance from Carly Carmine (Jack couldn't use his right arm as it was still healing, so Carly supported Jack by drawing and holding his cards).
  • In episode 69, this card appears in a flashback Marco has when he tells his brother that he would prefer to leave his cards at a Duel statue than have Don Piero take them away. This card is shown when Don Piero throws Marco's Deck up in the air and calls the cards cheap.

Scripted Duels

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