Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • In episode 31, Sylvio Sawatari uses this card during his rematch with Yuya Sakaki at the Arc League Championship first round. Sylvio activates this card in response to his "Mayosenju Daibak's" effect to return two cards Yuya controls to his hand; this card's effect shuffles the cards back into Yuya's deck instead. Sylvio then activates "Yosen Whirlwind". At the End Phase, four "Yosenju" monsters return to Sylvio's hand; due to "Yosen Whirlwind", Sylvio can return an equal number of cards Yuya controls to his hand, but due to this card's effect, those four cards are returned to Yuya's deck instead. On Sylvio's next turn in the following episode, Sylvio uses "Daibak's" effect combined with this card's, to return Yuya's two Set cards to his deck. One of the set cards is "Amnesia", whose effect activates when it leaves the field, causing Sylvio's "Yosenju" monsters to have their names all be treated as "Amnesia", and thus be affected by this card's effect to shuffle non-"Yosenju" monsters into the deck if they would be returned to the hand. Sylvio's monsters are thus spun back into his deck at the end of the turn. This card stays on the field face-up until the end of the duel.
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