• In episode 165, Aster Phoenix tells Chazz to guard this card from anyone trying to steal it as part of his job being Aster's assistant. In one night, Mike secretly stole the card while Chazz was asleep (as he spent a long time cleaning up a warehouse full of cards) and Aster was angry when he found out as a large amount of development costs were put towards that single card. Aster's status as a Pro League Duelist was then put on the line when Chazz dueled Jaden Yuki. If Chazz wins the Senrigan Group will forgive Aster, but if Chazz loses Aster will be forced into retirement. Chazz could have won, but Mike convinced him not to and because he lost, Aster was forced to retire.
  • In episode 166, Emeralda reveals to Chazz that Mike stole this card to discredit Aster due to the latter not agreeing with any of Mike's plans. Jaden begins to search around Mike's room for this card as per Chazz's request. Emeralda does the same thing on her own accord. They find it not in his room, so they determine Mike must have the card on him. During Aster and Chazz's Duel (which Mike had forced Aster to participate in due to him threatening to destroy an orphanage that Aster spent almost a lot of his money on), the lights go out and Jaden sneaks up behind Mike and breaks open a bag full of Pharaoh's fleas on Mike. This causes Mike to scratch uncontrollably and by doing so he had revealed that this card was hanging around his neck. Jaden quickly takes the card and shows it to the Senrigan Group's president, stating that Mike orchestrated Aster's retirement from the very beginning. Jaden then throws this card to Aster, who is glad to have this card back under his possession again. Aster Phoenix uses this card during his duel against Chazz Princeton. He summons this card via "Polymerization". Later Chazz activates the effect of "Armed Dragon LV10" to destroy this card, but it doesn't work due to this card being unable to be destroyed by card effects. "Armed Dragon LV10" then attacks this card, causing both battling monsters were then destroyed in a Double KO. Chazz then banishes "Ojamarking" from his Graveyard in order to Special Summon "Ojama Yellow" from his Graveyard.
    • In this episode, this card was "Today's Strongest Card", but Chazz Princeton interrupted him to declare "Ojama Yellow" that card instead.
  • This card was called the Final D-Card.
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