• In Episode 2, Playmaker activated "Storm Access" to gained this card and used it in his duel against a Knight of Hanoi. He Links Summons this card by using Cyberse Wizard, Stack Reviver, and Backup Secretary. Since Link Monsters cannot exist in Defense Position, the effect of "Pulse Mines" does not activate. As it was used as material for a Link Summon, the effect of "Stack Reviver" activates, allowing Playmaker target a Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster in his Graveyard that was also used as a material for that Link Summon and Special Summon it. He Special Summons "Cyberse Wizard" at the zone bottom-left of "Decode Talker". "Decode Talker" gains 500 ATK for each monster it points to and since Decode Talker points to Cracking Dragon and Cyberse Wizard, it gains 1000 ATK. This card attacks and destroys the defense position "Cracking Dragon" because Link Monsters do not have levels and deals piercing damage to the Knight of Hanoi by Cyberse Wizard's effect, winning Playmaker the duel.
  • In Episode 3, This card is materialized so that it becomes a real card.
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