• In episode 25, Baira uses this card during her Speed Duel against Blue Angel. She Link Summons this card by linking three "Dark Mummy Tokens" summoned by "Monster Restitch". It attacks Blue Angel's "Trickstar Holly Angel", but Blue Angel activates "Trickstar Perennial", sending her face-up "Trickstar Nightshade" to the Graveyard to prevent her monster from being destroyed by the attack. In the following episode, Baira uses this card's effect to destroy a monster that Blue Angel just Set. On Baira's next turn, she draws a Trap Card, thus activating this card's other effect to reveal it and inflict 500 damage to Blue Angel. This card then points to a "Dark Mummy Infuser" that Baira summons, thus gains 600 ATK through the latter's effect. This card attacks "Holly Angel" again; Blue Angel uses "Perennial's" effect, sending itself to the Graveyard to prevent "Holly Angel's" destruction once more. On Blue Angel's next turn, her "Trickstar Bella Madonna's" effect destroys "Infuser", thus removing its protection of this card from the effect of Baira's own "Root Ransom Virus" in her Graveyard which would reduce this card's ATK to 0. "Bella Madonna", itself unaffected by "Root Ransom Virus", then attacks this card to win the duel for Blue Angel.
  • In episode 69, Baira uses this card to defeat an Echo clone that Windy stationed as a guard while he was dueling Varis
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