Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • In episode 115, Captain Cutter uses this card during his duel against Yuya Sakaki. He Fusion Summons this card via "Polymerization", fusing "Skull Mariner" and "Skull Knight #2" in his hand. Cutter then finds and activates the Action Card "Power Gem", boosting this card's ATK by 800. This card's effect is a floodgate preventing Yuya from bringing out any monsters from his hand; as a result, Yuya spends most of his turn trying and failing to get (good) Action Cards. On Cutter's next turn, this card attacks Yuya directly; damage is doubled by the effect of "Battle at Sea" which Cutter also activated on this turn. Sora Perse then joins the duel; on his turn, he performs a Fusion Summon which bypasses this card's effect; because the monster he summoned, "Frightfur Kraken", has 2200 ATK, this card is destroyed by its other effect. Cutter activates his face-down "Perished Pirate" to revive this card with its effects negated, then equip "Skull Mariner" in his Graveyard to this card, in order for it to gain "Skull Mariner's" ATK. Cutter then activates another "Power Gem" to increase this card's ATK to 2400. At that point, Yuya plays a face-down card that boosts "Kraken" to 3400 ATK; it proceeds to attack and destroy this card.
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