• In Yu-Gi-Oh!, this card is the signature card of Seto Kaiba. Much of his deck centers around ways of quickly summoning it; indeed, even his private jet is modeled around the dragon.

Duelist Kingdom/Pre-Duelist Kingdom Arc

  • When this card first appeared, it was famous for the fact that only four of them were ever printed. Yugi's grandfather, Solomon Muto had the one of them, and when Kaiba saw it, he attempted to buy it, but was refused. Kaiba later stole the card from Yugi, and used it in a shadow game with Yami Yugi. Towards the end of the duel, he slips this card onto the top of his deck, and attempts to use it to destroy Yugi's "Summoned Skull", but the dragon refuses, as it belongs to Yugi's grandpa. The dragon destroyed itself upon the command, and Yugi resurrected it with "Monster Reborn" to attack Kaiba directly, winning the duel.
  • By Kaiba's next appearance (in the DEATH-T arc), he has the remaining three copies of this card all in his deck (acquired by illegal means). Confident of his deck, he challenged Solomon to a duel, and although Solomon drew his "Blue-Eyes" first, Kaiba destroyed it with his own three "Blue-Eyes", winning the duel. Afterwards, he tears the card in half so that it cannot ever be used against him, as a duelist can only have three copies of any card in his deck.
  • During the Duelist Kingdom arc, The Death Imitator stole this card, along with the rest of Kaiba's deck, to use against Yugi. The first Blue-Eyes destroyed Yugi's "Curse of Dragon", but Yugi hid his "Dark Magician" from it using "Magical Hats". The Blue-Eyes hit an empty hat next, before hitting a hat with "Spellbinding Circle" beneath it, reducing its ATK by 700. Yugi then brought his Dark Magician out to destroy it. The impostor Kaiba then launched a second Blue-Eyes to destroy the Dark Magician, but the real Kaiba hacked into the duel's hologram computers and decreased its ATK to 2000. Though it was still strong enough to destroy Yugi's "Feral Imp", the "Blue-Eyes" heard the call of its true master and shattered, leaving the impostor with an empty field. The third "Blue-Eyes" was eventually summoned, and attacked, but Yugi activated "Mirror Force," sending the attack back towards the impostor, who negated it with "Negate Attack". Yugi then used "Monster Reborn" to summon one of the "Blue-Eyes" in the Graveyard and strengthened it with "Mystical Elf", and it destroyed the impostor's third "Blue-Eyes", winning the duel.
  • During his duel with Yugi atop Pegasus' castle, Kaiba summoned one of these to destroy Yugi's "Griffore". It was later fused with the two others to create "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
  • When he dueled Maximillion Pegasus for his brother's soul, Kaiba drew this card, but was forced to hand it over due to the effect of Pegasus' "Prophecy" card. Pegasus used "Toon World" to transform it into the "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon". Kaiba later drew a second one, and used it to attack the "Toon dragon", but failed due to "Toon" monsters not being able to be destroyed by normal monsters. Kaiba then used "Shadow Spell" to hold the Toon dragon down, and attacked with his own" Blue-Eyes" again, successfully destroying the "Toon dragon" this time. Pegasus then proceeded to seal it with "Dragon Capture Jar", and attempted to control it with "Dragon Piper", but Kaiba set off the "Crush Card Virus", resulting in this card being destroyed.
  • When Kaiba entered his own virtual reality game during the Legendary Heroes storyline, he summoned this card to destroy a virtual "Two-Headed King Rex", but it was captured by a "Dragon Capture Jar" designed by the Big 5. Later, after he was freed, he summoned this card against the Big Fives' "Five-Headed Dragon", and eventually fused it into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".

Battle City/Virtual World Arcs

  • When Téa Gardner was held hostage by the Rare Hunters to force Yugi into dueling the brainwashed Joey Wheeler, Kaiba flung this card into the hand of the Rare Hunter holding Téa, knocking the remote control for the bombs out of his hand and saving her.
  • Toward the end of the Battle City semi-finals, Kaiba was overcome by a vision of his past during his duel with Ishizu Ishtar, which drove him to tribute "Obelisk the Tormentor" and "Gadget Soldier" to summon this card. This action negated Ishizu's "Blast Held by a Tribute", and Kaiba attacked directly with the Blue-Eyes, winning the duel.
  • In the beginning of the Virtual World storyline, the Big Five used a virtual Kaiba dueling to explain the Deck Master system. Virtual Kaiba chose this card as his Deck Master, and used a combination of ""Lord of D." and "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to bring the other two to the field. He then moved this card into the field, and fused it into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Though it is only shown once, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"'s Deck Master Ability is apparently to allow any Fusion Monsters that includes it as one of the ingredients to attack instantly (as normally, Fusion Monsters cannot attack on the turn of their summoning).
  • Kaiba summoned this card towards the end of his duel with Lector, using "Lord of D."'s Deck Master ability to pay 500 LP and sacrificing "Possessed Dark Soul" and a set Defense Position monster to summon this card. Being a level eight monster, it destroyed Lector's Satellite Cannon, winning Kaiba the duel.
  • When Yami Yugi took over for Kaiba in his duel against Noah, he summoned Kaiba's destroyed "Blue-Eyes" with "Monster Reborn", then used "Polymerization" to fuse it with the two in his hand (as he had merged his deck with Kaiba's) into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". After the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" had attacked, Yugi used "De-Fusion" to turn it back into three separate "Blue-Eyes", which attacked Noah directly, winning the duel.
  • After returning to Battle City, Kaiba summoned this card in his duel against Yami Yugi in the finals by lowering the "Blue Eyes"' level with "Cost Down" and sacrificing a token created from using "Cloning" on Yugi's "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts". The "Blue-Eyes" then proceeded to destroy Yugi's "Gazelle". Later, Kaiba used Lord of D. and The Flute of Summoning Dragon to bring his other two to the field. This first Blue-Eyes attacked Yugi's "Dark Magician", but the attack was negated by "Magician's Selection". The second one destroyed Yugi's "Beta The Magnet Warrior". The third one attacked "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", but Yugi activated "Spellbinding Circle", weakening it and allowing "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" to destroy it instead. Kaiba then resurrected the "Blue-Eyes" with "Monster Reborn" and fused them into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" with "Polymerization". Yugi eventually turned it back into three "Blue-Eyes" with "De-Fusion", and destroyed them all with "Dark Paladin" (empowered by "Diffusion Wave-Motion"), winning the duel.
  • When he dueled Joey Wheeler for third place in Battle City, Kaiba summoned this card by using "Cost Down" to lower "Blue-Eyes"' level so that it would require only one sacrifice, and then using "Enemy Controller" to steal Joey's "Tiny Guardian" as the sacrifice. The "Blue-Eyes" attempted to attack Joey directly, but Joey activated "Scapegoat", resulting in it attacking a "Goat Token" instead. The "Blue-Eyes" then destroyed "Battle Warrior", before Joey used "Graverobber" to steal Kaiba's "Enemy Controller" so that he could destroy the "Blue-Eyes". Joey then used "Monster Reborn" to resurrect the "Blue-Eyes", and used it to destroy Kaiba's "Blade Knight". Kaiba then sacrificed "Kaiser Sea Horse" to summon his second "Blue-Eyes", which attacked Joey's "Blue-Eyes" and resulted in both being destroyed. Kaiba then resurrected one with his own "Monster Reborn", and destroyed Joey's "Hayabusa Knight" with it. Joey later attempted to target it with "Time Wizard", but Kaiba saved it with "Interdimensional Matter Transporter". The "Blue-Eyes" finished the duel by attacking Joey directly.

Doma/KC Grand Prix Arcs

  • When he dueled Alister (at first disguised as Maximillion Pegasus), Kaiba summoned this card by sacrificing "Spear Dragon" and a token created from using "Cloning" on "Toon Masked Sorcerer". The "Blue-Eyes" then attacked Alister-Pegasus' "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon" and "Toon Dark Magician Girl", missing both times but allowing Kaiba to draw a card each time due to "Charm of Lamentation". Kaiba then used "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon" to return this card to his hand and destroy "Toon World". After Alister revealed himself, Kaiba used "White Dragon Ritual" to sacrifice it from his hand to summon "Paladin of White Dragon", and used "Monster Reborn" to summon it to the field as well. Afterwards, Kaiba sacrificed "Paladin of White Dragon" to bring another "Blue-Eyes" to the field, but Alister used "Aetonix Flame" to destroy both dragons, then used "Fire Whip" to resurrect them on his side of the field. Both were destroyed by "Doom Virus Dragon"'s effect.
  • In his and Yugi's duel with Dartz, Kaiba summoned this card by sacrificing "Paladin of White Dragon". He later fused it with the two "Blue-Eyes" in his hand using "Polymerization" to create the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".

Millennium World/Ceremonial Battle Arcs

  • When Yami Bakura challenged Kaiba to a duel atop the KC office building, Kaiba summoned this card with a combination of "Lord of D." and "The Flute of Summoning Dragon". He attempted to use it to attack Bakura's "Diabound Kernel", but the attack was negated by Bakura's "Spirit Shield". Bakura then used a doppelganger of Diabound Kernel created from "Spirit Illusion" to weaken the "Blue-Eyes" and attempted to attack it with the original, but Kaiba activated "Attack Guidance Armor" to redirect the attack. Kaiba later sacrificed the weakened "Blue-Eyes" alongside "Vorse Raider" to summon a second "Blue-Eyes", which destroyed "Diabound Kernel". However, Bakura used a combination of "Rebirth Tablet" and "Mirror Tablet" to resurrect "Diabound Kernel" and strengthen it, and it destroyed the second "Blue-Eyes". Kaiba resurrected the "Blue-Eyes" with "Monster Reborn", but Bakura (his mission to absorb the Blue Eyes' attack power accomplished) left without finishing the duel.
  • During this arc, this card is revealed to be the spirit of Kisara, as well as the patron monster of the Priest Seto (who Kaiba is a reincarnation of), and is identified as the only monster whose power is greater than that of the "Egyptian Gods". This is proven when Kaiba summons the three Blue-Eyes (representing the souls of himself, the priest Seto, and Kisara) and fuses them together into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • During Kaibaman's duel against Jaden Yuki, he summoned this card to the field by sacrificing a copy of himself, which destroyed "Bubble Blaster". He later summons another one to the field with "Paladin of White Dragon"'s effect. Jaden then destroyed one of them with "Elemental Hero Bladedge", but Kaibaman revived it with "Silent Doom" and fused them with a third "Blue-Eyes" in his hand to summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Kaibaman later separated them again with "De-Fusion" to counteract Jaden's "Edge Hammer", and the three "Blue-Eyes" attacked Jaden directly, winning Kaibaman the duel.
  • In the English Dub, when Jaden, Hasselberry, and Syrus meet Solomon Muto, they see his Blue-Eyes White Dragon on display, much to their glee.

Syrus' Blue-Eyes armor

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

In the English dubbed episode where Luna duels Professor Frank. Jack Atlas makes a comical remark that if Luna went to the spirit world then he is a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Video games

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

This card was first played be Seto Kaiba in Ep.15:"Ultimate Life-Form Descend!" The attack of the "Blue-Eyes" was considered a magical attack and was able to bypass the effects of "Mist Body".


  • This card appears briefly in the opening duel of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, where Kaiba fuses them together into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". During his second duel with Yugi, Kaiba fuses the three of them in his hand together again, turning them into the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
  • Kaiba has a great fondness for these cards, going so far as to place statues of them in front of buildings that he owns, model many buildings and rides in Kaibaland USA after them, and even design his own private jet to look like them.
  • Like Kisara, the "Blue-Eyes" has been voiced by Rie Nakagawa.
  • Its attack name is White Lightning in the English anime and Destruction Burst Stream in the Japanese version.
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