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==Movie properties==
==Movie properties==
|spname = Dragón Luminoso de Ojos Azules
|spname = Dragón Brillante de Ojos Azules
|kanji = 青眼の光龍
|kanji = 青眼の光龍
|image = Blue-EyesShiningDragon-EN-Anime.jpg
|image = Blue-EyesShiningDragon-EN-Anime.jpg

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  • The attack of this card is called "Shining Neutron Blast" in the English version while in the Japanese version it is "Shining Burst" 「シャイニング・バースト」. The effect of this card is called "Shining Nova" 「シャイニング・ノヴァ」 in the English version while in the Japanese version it is "Shining Flare" 「シャイニング・フレア」 . Its negating effect is called "Shining Diffusion" in the English version. It was created by Maximillion Pegasus as a counter to the God cards, but it ultimately destroyed itself after defeating Anubis (this is clarified in the Japanese version where Pegasus explicitly says so).

Movie properties

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
English Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT LIGHT.svg
Types Dragon / Effect
Level 10
ATK / DEF 3000 / 2500
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