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  • In episode 94, Tetsu Trudge and Mina Simington reveal to Crow Hogan that before Robert Pearson was killed, he was Dueling an opponent who was using this card. They then showed an image of this card. Trudge explains they are looking for the person who used it. Crow states he never heard of that card. Mina explains that a long time ago, people were making cards whose effects were more than just visuals. These cards were ones that could inflict real damage to the opponent, but the people stopped the development. Later Crow went to Bolton and showed the image of this card which Bolton is shocked to see. Crow could tell Bolton knew something, but Bolton tells Crow he will only find the information he wishes to seek through a Duel against him. Later Crow showed the image of this card to Yusei before explaining his backstory about him, Pearson, and Bolton.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Crow has when he realizes that Pearson got hit by this card's effect and lost the Duel which lead to him being killed (in the dub, this card sent Pearson to the Netherworld).
  • In episode 95, Bolton uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Crow. He Synchro Summons this card by tuning "White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer" with "White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart". Because he summoned this card, Crow realizes that Bolton was the one responsible for what happened to Pearson. Bolton confirmed so and explained why he did so. Bolton then activates this card's effect to inflict 300 damage to Crow for each card he controls. Since Crow controls two cards, this card's effect inflicted 600 damage to Crow. This card then attacks and destroys "Blackwing Armed Wing". After Crow sets a card, this card inflicts 300 damage to Crow. On Bolton's next turn, he prepares to activate this card's effect (which will inflict 900 damage to Crow as he controls three cards), but Crow activates "Down Burst" to set both "Whiteout" and "Sacred Arrow". Bolton then activates this card's effect, but Crow activates "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" to destroy all set Spell/Traps controlled by Bolton. This card's effect continues and inflicts 300 damage to Crow. Bolton then Normal Summons "White Warrior - Sleet the Morning Star". He then Tributes it in order to give this card the ability to inflict damage to Crow equal to half of this card's ATK when this card destroys a monster by battle. This card then attacks "Kochi the Daybreak", but Crow activates the effect of "Blackwing - Jetstream the Blue Sky" to send it from his hand to the Graveyard and prevent "Kochi the Daybreak" from being destroyed as well as reduce all Battle Damage he would take to 0. After Crow Synchro Summons "Black-Winged Dragon", Bolton activates "Synchro Rivalry" to prevent this card from being destroyed this turn. Crow then activates "Speed Spell - Angel Baton" to draw two cards and send "Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite" from his hand to the Graveyard. After Crow sets "Blackwing - Bombardment", this card's effect activates, but the effect of "Black-Winged Dragon" activates, nullifying the damage and reducing the ATK of "Black-Winged Dragon" by the damage Crow would have taken. Crow then activates the effect of "Zephyros the Elite" to return "Blackwing - Bombardment" to his hand and Special Summon "Zephyros the Elite" from his Graveyard as well as take 400 damage. The effect of "Black-Winged Dragon" then activates, nullifying the damage and reducing the ATK of "Black-Winged Dragon" by the damage Crow would have taken. Crow then sets "Blackwing - Bombardment", which destroys "Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite" due to the latter's second effect. Crow repeats the strategy loop over and over until the ATK of "Black-Winged Dragon" becomes 0. Crow then activates the second effect of "Black-Winged Dragon" to increase the ATK of "Black-Winged Dragon" equal to all the damage its effect nullified as well as decrease this card's ATK by the exact same amount. "Black-Winged Dragon" then attacks this card. This card is not destroyed due to the effect of "Synchro Rivalry", but Bolton still takes Battle Damage. Bolton's Life Points then dropped to 0, winning Crow the Duel. After the Duel, Bolton apologizes to Pearson for what he did to him and vowed to make things right.
  • In both versions of the anime, this card could inflict real damage to the opponent. In the dub, it was also mentioned that this card could send people to the Netherworld.
  • In the anime, when this card attacks, it blows an acidic liquid at its target. Any monster hit by this attack dissolves slightly before being destroyed.
  • In the anime, when this card's effect activates, it throws a plasma ball at the opponent.
  • The attack of this monster is called Rancid Rush in the dub.

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