• In episode 77, Lester uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Leo and Luna. After he Normal Summons this card, Lester activates this card's effect to reduce the ATK of Luna's "Bird of Roses" to 0 and make this card's ATK equal to the DEF of "Bird of Roses". This card then attacks and destroys "Bird of Roses". Luna then activates the effect of "Bird of Roses" to Special Summon "Nettles" and "Spore" from her Deck. On Lester's End Phase, this card's effect expires. Leo then Normal Summons "Morphtronic Datatron" and uses it to attack this card, but Lester activates "Exus Summon" to return this card to his hand and Special Summon "Sky Core" in its place. In the next episode, Lester activates "Speed Spell - Summon Close" to send this card from his hand to the Graveyard and draw one card as well as forbid Leo and Luna from Special Summoning monsters this turn. Later Leo activates the Defense Position effect of "Morphtronic Vacuumen" to equip "Meklord Emperor Skiel" to it, but Lester activates "Convert Ghost" to redirect the target of "Morphtronic Vacuumen" to this card instead, thus equipping this card onto "Vacuumen". On Lester's next turn, Leo activates "Power Break" to return all Equip Cards to their owners' Decks and inflict 500 damage to Lester for each card returned this way. Since two were returned this way, Lester takes 1000 damage.
  • This card's attack name is Absurd Return in the original Japanese anime, and Blinding Blue Blast in the English dub.