Captain Cutter, known as Captain Solo in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is the captain of the pirate ship that the Lancers use to travel to Duel Academy island.



Full body view of Solo.


In the dub, Captain Cutter speaks with a stereotypical pirate accent, though this was exposed by Sora when he said that Cutter was still dressing up. He quickly spoke in perfect English before resuming his pirate accent.


When Celina brought the Lancers and Zuzu to a ship, Sylvio criticized it for being a pirate ship until Captain Solo came out. While sailing, more Duel Academy soldiers arrived by helicopter and Celina took Zuzu hostage. Meanwhile, Solo forced Yuya into a Duel while his crewmates tied Sylvio and Gong to the ship's mast. When Solo Fusion Summoned "Captain Lock", he used the effect of "Lock" to prevent Yuya from summoning or setting monsters by unless a monster with 1000 or more ATK is on the field. He then threw a barrel at the action card Yuya was going for and grabbed it. He activated "Fire Gem", inflicting to Yuya and tripped him so he can't get an action card. This backfire as Yuya found one but he took damage from "Cursed Gem" and Solo activated another "Fire Gem" giving Yuya more damage. When Yuya tried going for a third one on top of the ship, Solo forced the ship to turn making Yuya fall into the ocean. However, he, Sylvio, and Gong were saved when Crow and the rest of the Lancers arrived to Solo's annoyance. He activated "Battle at Sea" causing damage to Yuya while trying to sink their boat. When Sora joined the Duel, Solo tried to persuade him to come back, telling him that Celina did. However, Sora told Solo that they were taking Celina back and defeating him. He Fusion Summoned "Frightfur Kraken", which causes the effect of "Lock" to activate and destroy itself. But, Solo brought "Lock" back with its effects negated and strengthened its ATK with "Perished Pirate". When Yuya used "Performapal Teamwork" to equip "Performapal Sword Fish" to "Kraken", increasing its ATK, Sora used the effect of "Kraken" letting it attack twice per turn to destroy "Lock" and attack Solo directly. Solo then tried to chase after the Lancers, but the steering wheel came off after Moon Shadow took the screw holding it, causing the ship to flounder in a circle.[1]


Captain Solo runs a Lockdown Deck, focused on the Fusion Monster "Captain Lock".


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuya Sakaki and Sora Perse 115 Lose


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  1. This card can be seen in his hand after Sora joins the Duel in episode 115.
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