Burgundy is a character version of the "Total Defense Shogun" card, who appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX as one of the defenders of a village in the alternate dimension.


Burgundy is one of the defenders of a village in the alternate dimension that had not yet fallen to the army of The Supreme King. After Jim Crocodile Cook and Axel Brodie rescue a young boy named Nero and his grandfather, they are taken to the village. There, the Supreme King's minions were attacking. Burgundy rushes in to take them on, and assumes that Jim and Axel are their accomplices. He knocks out Jim before the old man can explain that they are new allies. When Jim awakens, Burgundy invites them to stay in the village, as its safe for now. Jim and Axel are determined to press on, believing that Jaden Yuki was captured by the Supreme King. The full attack of The Supreme King's Army comes to fruition after Jim and Axel leave, and Burgundy is killed in the defense of the village, living long enough to tell Jim and Axel to flee just as they return to the village.[1]


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