The second-last set in Series 1 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG, Booster R2 was released on September 9, 2000. It reprinted cards selected from the original Booster and Vol. series.

Of the 50 cards in Booster R2, all but ten ("Orion the Battle King", "Lisark", "Emperor of the Land and Sea", "Tatsunootoshigo", "Mech Bass", "Minomushi Warrior", "Spirit of the Mountain", "Leo Wizard", "Fairy of the Fountain", and "Winged Egg of New Life") have since been released in the English Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.




Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
B2-01"The Wicked Worm Beast"「邪悪なるワーム・ビースト」CommonEffect Monster
B2-02"Gaia the Dragon Champion"「竜騎士ガイア」Ultra RareFusion Monster
B2-03"Hercules Beetle"「ヘラクレス・ビートル」CommonNormal Monster
B2-04"Great White"「グレート・ホワイト」CommonNormal Monster
B2-05"Tiger Axe"「タイガー・アックス」CommonNormal Monster
B2-06"Axe Raider"「アックス・レイダー」CommonNormal Monster
B2-07"Spirit of the Books"「本の精霊 ホーク・ビショップ」CommonNormal Monster
B2-08"Faith Bird"「セイント・バード」CommonNormal Monster
B2-09"Orion the Battle King"「戦いの神 オリオン」CommonNormal Monster
B2-10"Lisark"「サファイヤ・リサーク」CommonNormal Monster
B2-11"The Judgement Hand"「ジャジメント・ザ・ハンド」CommonNormal Monster
B2-12"Beautiful Headhuntress"「斬首の美女」CommonNormal Monster
B2-13"Wodan the Resident of the Forest"「森の住人 ウダン」CommonEffect Monster
B2-14"Mystic Clown"「バーサーカー」CommonNormal Monster
B2-15"Cyber Soldier of Darkworld"「魔界の機械兵」CommonNormal Monster
B2-16"Sonic Maid"「音女」CommonNormal Monster
B2-17"Dark Energy"「闇・エネルギー」RareEquip Spell Card
B2-18"Dragon Treasure"「ドラゴンの秘宝」RareEquip Spell Card
B2-19"Stop Defense"「『守備』封じ」RareNormal Spell Card
B2-20"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"「ランプの魔精・ラ・ジーン」CommonNormal Monster
B2-21"Emperor of the Land and Sea"「水陸の帝王」CommonNormal Monster
B2-22"Tatsunootoshigo"「シーホース」CommonNormal Monster
B2-23"Mechanicalchaser"「メカ・ハンター」CommonNormal Monster
B2-24"Mech Bass"「サイボーグ・バス」CommonNormal Monster
B2-25"Giant Red Seasnake"「シーザリオン」CommonNormal Monster
B2-26"Minomushi Warrior"「岩の戦士」CommonNormal Monster
B2-27"Cockroach Knight"「コカローチ・ナイト」CommonEffect Monster
B2-28"Kuwagata α"「クワガタ・アルファ」CommonNormal Monster
B2-29"Turtle Bird"「タートル・バード」CommonNormal Monster
B2-30"Spirit of the Mountain"「山の精霊」CommonNormal Monster
B2-31"Gemini Elf"「ヂェミナイ・エルフ」CommonNormal Monster
B2-32"Kwagar Hercules"「クワガー・ヘラクレス」CommonFusion Monster
B2-33"Leo Wizard"「レオ・ウィザード」CommonNormal Monster
B2-34"Patrol Robo"「パトロール・ロボ」CommonEffect Monster
B2-35"Takuhee"「タクヒ」CommonNormal Monster
B2-36"Hourglass of Courage"「勇気の砂時計」CommonEffect Monster
B2-37"Warrior of Tradition"「戦場の死装束」CommonFusion Monster
B2-38"Fairy of the Fountain"「泉の妖精」CommonNormal Monster
B2-39"Maiden of the Moonlight"「月明かりの乙女」CommonNormal Monster
B2-40"Winged Egg of New Life"「誕生の天使」CommonNormal Monster
B2-41"Queen of Autumn Leaves"「紅葉の女王」CommonNormal Monster
B2-42"Reverse Trap"「あまのじゃくの呪い」CommonNormal Trap Card
B2-43"De-Spell"「魔法除去」RareNormal Spell Card
B2-44"Reinforcements"「援軍」CommonNormal Trap Card
B2-45"Castle Walls"「城壁」CommonNormal Trap Card
B2-46"Ultimate Offering"「血の代償」CommonContinuous Trap Card
B2-47"Ancient Telescope"「古代の遠眼鏡」CommonNormal Spell Card
B2-48"White Hole"「ホワイト・ホール」CommonNormal Trap Card
B2-49"Graceful Charity"「天使の施し」RareNormal Spell Card
B2-50"Call of the Grave"「墓場からの呼び声」CommonNormal Trap Card
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