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'''''The Arabic name given is an approximation.'''''
==Blue Balls Sad Dragon==
|arname = تنّين الرسوم المتحرّكة أزرق العينين
|chname = 藍眼卡通龍
|frname = Dragon Toon aux Yeux Bleus
|dename = Blauäugiger Toon-Drache
|grname = Δράκος Καρτούν με Μπλε Μάτια
|itname = Drago Toon Occhi Blu
|krname = 블루아이즈툰드래곤
|ptname = Dragão Toon de Olhos Azuis
|spname = Dragón Toon de Ojos Azules
|viname = Rồng Toon Mắt Xanh
|kanji = ブルーアイズ・トゥーン・ドラゴン
|phon = Barūaisu Tūn Doragon
|image = Blue-EyesToonDragonDB1-EN-SR.jpg
|attribute = Light
|type = Dragon
|type2 = Toon
|atk = 3000
|def = 2500
|level = 8
|lore = This card cannot be [[Normal Summon]]ed or [[Set]]. This card can only be [[Special Summon]]ed while "[[Toon World]]" is on your side the [[Playing Field|field]]. You can [[Special Summon]] this [[Monster Cards|monster]] from your [[hand]], but [[Tribute]]s are required for [[Monster Cards|monsters]] [[Level]] 5 or more. This card [[Cannot Attack|cannot attack]] in the turn that it is [[Summon]]ed. Unless you [[Costs|pay]] 500 [[Life Points]], this [[Monster Cards|monster]] [[Cannot Attack|cannot attack]]. When "[[Toon World]]" on the [[Playing Field|field]] is [[destroy]]ed, this card is also [[destroy]]ed. If your opponent doesn't [[control]] a [[Toon Monsters|Toon Monster]], this card can [[attack]] your opponent's [[Life Points]] [[Direct Attack|directly]]. If a [[face-up]] [[Toon Monsters|Toon Monster]] is on your opponent's side of the [[Playing Field|field]], your must select the [[Toon Monsters|Toon Monster]] as an [[attack target]].
|tsclore = ''A [[Toon|cartoony]] [[dragon]] that was a [[Blue-Eyes White Dragon]]. It had been drawn into the [[Toon World]] and transformed.''
|effect1 = Summon
|effect2 = Continuous
|summon1 = Cannot Normal Summon
|summon2 = Cannot Set
|summon3 = Semi-Nomi
|lp1 = Pay Life Points for cost
|attack1 = Cannot Attack
|attack2 = Direct Attacker
|archetype1 = Toon
|archetype2 = Blue-Eyes
|number = 53183600
|en_sets =
'''[[Dark Beginning 1]]''' ([[DB1-EN066]] - [[SR]])
'''[[Spell Ruler]]''' ([[SRL-EN000]] - [[ScR]])
'''[[Starter Deck: Pegasus]]''' ([[SDP-020]] - [[C]])
|na_sets =
'''[[Dark Legends]]''' ([[DLG1-EN051]] - [[R]])
'''[[Spell Ruler|Magic Ruler]]''' ([[MRL-000]] - [[ScR]])
|eu_sets =
'''[[Spell Ruler|Magic Ruler]]''' ([[MRL-E000]] - [[ScR]])
'''[[Retro Pack]]''' ([[RP01-EN050]] - [[R]])
|fr_sets =
'''[[Starter Deck: Pegasus|Deck de Démarrage Pégasus]]''' ([[DDP-020]] - [[C]])
'''[[Spell Ruler|Maître des Magies]]''' ([[MDM-F000]] - [[ScR]])
'''[[Retro Pack]]''' ([[RP01-FR050]] - [[R]])
|de_sets =
'''[[Dark Beginning 1]]''' ([[DB1-DE066]] - [[SR]])
'''[[Retro Pack]]''' ([[RP01-DE050]] - [[R]])
'''[[Spell Ruler]]''' ( [[SRL-G000]] - [[ScR]])
'''[[Starter Deck: Pegasus]]''' ([[SDP-G020]] - [[C]])
|it_sets =
'''[[Dark Beginning 1]]''' ([[DB1-IT066]] - [[SR]])
'''[[Retro Pack]]''' ([[RP01-IT050]] - [[R]])
'''[[Spell Ruler]]''' ([[SDM-I000]] - [[ScR]])
'''[[Starter Deck: Pegasus]]''' ([[MIP-I020]] - [[C]])
|pt_sets =
'''[[Starter Deck: Pegasus]]''' ([[DIP-P020]] - [[C]])
|sp_sets =
'''[[Dark Beginning 1]]''' ([[DB1-SP066]] - [[SR]])
'''[[Retro Pack]]''' ([[RP01-SP050]] - [[R]])
'''[[Spell Ruler]]''' ([[SDH-S000]] - [[ScR]])
'''[[Starter Deck: Pegasus]]''' ([[BIP-S020]] - [[C]])
|jp_sets =
'''[[Dark Beginning 1|Beginner's Edition.1]]''' ([[BE1-JP066]] - [[SR]])
'''[[Duelist Legacy Volume.1]]''' ([[DL1-087]] - [[UR]]/[[UPR]])
'''[[Pegasus Structure Deck]]''' ([[PE-14]] - [[C]])
'''[[Pharaoh's Servant]]''' ([[PS-00]] - [[ScR]]/[[UPR]])
|kr_sets =
'''[[Dark Beginning 1|Beginner's Edition.1]]''' ([[BP1-KR066]] - [[SR]])
'''[[Spell Ruler]]''' ([[SRL-K000]] - [[ScR]])
|ntr_sets =
'''[[Legendary History (NTR-BP)|Legendary History]]'''
|wc6_sets =
'''[[Spell Ruler (WC6-BP)|Spell Ruler]]'''
'''[[Dragon Collection (WC6-BP)|Dragon Collection]]'''
'''[[Special Monsters A (WC6-BP)|Special Monsters A]]'''
'''[[Direct Attack Collection (WC6-BP)|Direct Attack Collection]]'''
|anime_dm =
[[Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 027|027]]
|anime =
[[Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light]]
|anime_mov = [[Present]]
|tscdc = 95
|tscnumber = 767
|wc6dp = 4680

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Blue Balls Sad Dragon

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