Blazing Vortex is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the third set in the OCG's 11th series, following Phantom Rage and followed by Lightning Overdrive.



In the OCG, there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. The set contains 80 cards, or 125 cards in the Master Set:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
BLVO-EN000"War Rock Mountain"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-EN001"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-EN002"Armed Dragon Thunder LV7"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN003"Armed Dragon Thunder LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN004"Armed Dragon Thunder LV3"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN005"Armed Dragon LV10 White"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN006"Springans Rockey"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN007"Springans Pedor"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN008"Springans Branga"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN009"Springans Captain Sargas"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN010"Tri-Brigade Kitt"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN011"S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru"Secret RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN012"S-Force Professor DiGamma"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN013"S-Force Orrafist"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN014"S-Force Gravitino"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN015"S-Force Pla-Tina"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN016"Windwitch - Blizzard Bell"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-EN017"Windwitch - Freeze Bell"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN018"Fabled Marcosia"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN019"The Fabled Abanc"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-EN020"Parametalfoes Melcaster"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-EN021"Metalfoes Vanisher"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-EN022"Constellar Caduceus"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN023"Digital Bug Registrider"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN024"Maha Vailo, Light of the Heavens"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN025"Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN026"Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Disciple"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN027"Machina Unclaspare"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN028"Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-EN029"Heavenly Zephyr - Miradora"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-EN030"Fairy Archer Ingunar"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN031"Radiant Vouirescence"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN032"Gigathunder Giclops"CommonEffect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BLVO-EN033"Amanokujaki"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-EN034"Guitar Gurnards Duonigis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN035"Wightbaking"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN036"Ojama Pink"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN037"Knight of Armor Dragon"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-EN038"Sprind the Irondash Dragon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-EN039"Parametalfoes Azortless"Super RareEffect Fusion Pendulum Monster
BLVO-EN040"Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-EN041"Dual Avatar - Empowered Mitsu-Jaku"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-EN042"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Tormentor"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-EN043"Windwitch - Diamond Bell"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-EN044"Fabled Andwraith"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-EN045"Dragunity Knight - Gormfaobhar"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-EN046"Springans Ship - Exblowrer"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-EN047"Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-EN048"S-Force Justify"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-EN049"Heavymetalfoes Amalgam"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-EN050"Underworld Goddess of the Closed World"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-EN051"Armed Dragon Flash"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-EN052"Armed Dragon Blitz"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-EN053"Armed Dragon Lightning"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-EN054"Springans Watch"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-EN055"Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda"Super RareField Spell Card
BLVO-EN056"Tri-Brigade Rendezvous"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-EN057"S-Force Bridgehead"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-EN058"S-Force Showdown"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-EN059"Windwitch Chimes"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-EN060"Stairway to a Fabled Realm"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-EN061"Parametalfoes Fusion"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-EN062"Seven Cities of the Golden Land"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-EN063"Archfiend's Staff of Despair"CommonEquip Spell Card
BLVO-EN064"Armor Dragon Ritual"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-EN065"Pot of Prosperity"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Normal Spell Card
BLVO-EN066"Tilted Try"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-EN067"Armed Dragon Thunderbolt"Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN068"Springans Call!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN069"Springans Blast!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN070"Dogmatika Genesis"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN071"S-Force Specimen"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN072"Icy Breeze Refrain"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN073"Fabled Treason"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN074"Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-EN075"Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-EN076"Dual Avatar Ascendance"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN077"Dream Mirror Recap"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-EN078"E.M.R."Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN079"Angel Statue - Azurune"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-EN080"Linear Equation Cannon"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN081"Materiactor Gigadra"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN082"Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-EN083"Coordius the Triphasic Dealmon"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-EN084"Materiactor Gigaboros"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-EN085"Steel Star Regulator"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-EN086"Breath of Acclamation"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-EN087"Greater Polymerization"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-EN088"Reinforcement of the Army's Troops"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-EN089"Psychic Eraser Laser"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-EN090"Synchro Transmission"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN091"Pendulum Encore"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-EN092"Underdog"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-EN093"War Rock Fortia"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN094"War Rock Gactos"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN095"War Rock Orpis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN096"War Rock Skyler"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-EN097"War Rock Bashileos"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN098"War Rock Ordeal"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-EN099"Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-EN100"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"Starlight RareEffect Synchro Monster

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
BLVO-FR000"War Rock Mountain""Montagne du Rocher de Guerre"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-FR001"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10""Dragon Armé du Tonnerre LV10"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-FR002"Armed Dragon Thunder LV7""Dragon Armé du Tonnerre LV7"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR003"Armed Dragon Thunder LV5""Dragon Armé du Tonnerre LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR004"Armed Dragon Thunder LV3""Dragon Armé du Tonnerre LV3"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR005"Armed Dragon LV10 White""Dragon Armé LV10 Blanc"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR006"Springans Rockey""Rockey Springans"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR007"Springans Pedor""Pedor Springans"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR008"Springans Branga""Branga Springans"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR009"Springans Captain Sargas""Capitaine Sargas Springans"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR010"Tri-Brigade Kitt""Kitt Tri-Brigade"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR011"S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru""Rappa Chiyomaru de la Force-S"Secret RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR012"S-Force Professor DiGamma""Professeur DiGamma de la Force-S"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR013"S-Force Orrafist""Orrafist de la Force-S"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR014"S-Force Gravitino""Gravitino de la Force-S"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR015"S-Force Pla-Tina""Pla-Tina de la Force-S"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR016"Windwitch - Blizzard Bell""Sorcièrevent - Blizzard Clochette"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-FR017"Windwitch - Freeze Bell""Sorcièrevent - Gel Clochette"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR018"Fabled Marcosia""Marcosia Mythologique"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR019"The Fabled Abanc""Abanc le Mythologique"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-FR020"Parametalfoes Melcaster""Melcaster Métalphose Para"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-FR021"Metalfoes Vanisher""Volatil Métalphose"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-FR022"Constellar Caduceus""Caducée de la Constellée"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR023"Digital Bug Registrider""Registaraigneau Insecte Numérique"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR024"Maha Vailo, Light of the Heavens""Maha Vailo, Lumière du Paradis"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR025"Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng""Guerriers Anciens - Rebelle Lu Feng"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR026"Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Disciple""Neiroy, Disciple du Miroir des Rêves"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR027"Machina Unclaspare""Libéchange Méchabot"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR028"Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat""Live☆Jumelle Lil-la Friandises"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-FR029"Heavenly Zephyr - Miradora""Zéphyr Céleste - Miradora"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-FR030"Fairy Archer Ingunar""Sagittaire Féerique Ingunar"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR031"Radiant Vouirescence""Vouirescence Rayonnante"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR032"Gigathunder Giclops""Giclops Gigatonnerre"CommonEffect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BLVO-FR033"Amanokujaki""Amanokujaki"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-FR034"Guitar Gurnards Duonigis""Guitare Grondins Duonigis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR035"Wightbaking""Cuisson du Crâne Serviteur"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR036"Ojama Pink""Ojama Rose"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR037"Knight of Armor Dragon""Chevalier du Dragon Armure"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-FR038"Sprind the Irondash Dragon""Sprind le Dragon Filefer"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-FR039"Parametalfoes Azortless""Azortless Métalphose Para"Super RareEffect Fusion Pendulum Monster
BLVO-FR040"Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord""Surnaliche le Furieux Seigneur d'Or"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-FR041"Dual Avatar - Empowered Mitsu-Jaku""Double Avatar - Mitsu-Jaku Éveillé"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-FR042"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Tormentor""Oneiroi, Tourmenteur du Miroir des Rêves"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-FR043"Windwitch - Diamond Bell""Sorcièrevent - Diamant Clochette"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-FR044"Fabled Andwraith""Andwraith Mythologique"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-FR045"Dragunity Knight - Gormfaobhar""Chevalier Dragunité - Gormfaobhar"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-FR046"Springans Ship - Exblowrer""Vaisseau Springans - Exblowrer"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-FR047"Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton""Bête-Arbre Sacrée, Hyperyton"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-FR048"S-Force Justify""Justify de la Force-S"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-FR049"Heavymetalfoes Amalgam""Amalgam Métalphose Lourd"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-FR050"Underworld Goddess of the Closed World""Déesse des Enfers du Monde Fermé"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-FR051"Armed Dragon Flash""Dragon Armé du Flash"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-FR052"Armed Dragon Blitz""Dragon Armé de l'Éclair"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-FR053"Armed Dragon Lightning""Dragon Armé de la Foudre"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-FR054"Springans Watch""Observation Springans"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-FR055"Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda""Grande Mer de Sable - Gold Golgonda"Super RareField Spell Card
BLVO-FR056"Tri-Brigade Rendezvous""Rendez-Vous Tri-Brigade"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-FR057"S-Force Bridgehead""Tête de Pont de la Force-S"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-FR058"S-Force Showdown""Confrontation de la Force-S"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-FR059"Windwitch Chimes""Carillons Sorcièrevent"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-FR060"Stairway to a Fabled Realm""Passage vers un Royaume Mythologique"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-FR061"Parametalfoes Fusion""Fusion Métalphose Para"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-FR062"Seven Cities of the Golden Land""Sept Cités de la Terre d'Or"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-FR063"Archfiend's Staff of Despair""Bâton Archdémon du Désespoir"CommonEquip Spell Card
BLVO-FR064"Armor Dragon Ritual""Rituel du Dragon Armure"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-FR065"Pot of Prosperity""Pot de la Prospérité"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Normal Spell Card
BLVO-FR066"Tilted Try""Essai Tilté"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-FR067"Armed Dragon Thunderbolt""Dragon Armé du Coup de Tonnerre"Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR068"Springans Call!""Appel Springans !"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR069"Springans Blast!""Explosion Springans !"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR070"Dogmatika Genesis""Genèse Dogmatika"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR071"S-Force Specimen""Spécimen de la Force-S"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR072"Icy Breeze Refrain""Refrain de la Brise Glacée"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR073"Fabled Treason""Trahison Mythologique"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR074"Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path""Saga des Guerriers Anciens - Le Chemin Galant"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-FR075"Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu""Porte du Monde Virtuel - Xuanwu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-FR076"Dual Avatar Ascendance""Ascendant du Double Avatar"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR077"Dream Mirror Recap""Récapitulatif du Miroir des Rêves"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-FR078"E.M.R.""F.E.M."Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR079"Angel Statue - Azurune""Statue d'Ange - Azurune"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-FR080"Linear Equation Cannon""Canon en Équation Linéaire"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR081"Materiactor Gigadra""Matériacteur Gigadra"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR082"Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX""Dragon de la Tempête Déchaînée - Beaufort IX"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-FR083"Coordius the Triphasic Dealmon""Coordius le Dealmon Triphasique"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-FR084"Materiactor Gigaboros""Matériacteur Gigaboros"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-FR085"Steel Star Regulator""Régulateur Étoile d'Acier"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-FR086"Breath of Acclamation""Souffle des Acclamations"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-FR087"Greater Polymerization""Plus Grande Polymérisation"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-FR088"Reinforcement of the Army's Troops""Renfort des Troupes de l'Armée"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-FR089"Psychic Eraser Laser""Laser Effaceur Psychique"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-FR090"Synchro Transmission""Transmission Synchro"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR091"Pendulum Encore""Encore Pendule"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-FR092"Underdog""Outsider"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-FR093"War Rock Fortia""Fortia du Rocher de Guerre"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR094"War Rock Gactos""Gactos du Rocher de Guerre"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR095"War Rock Orpis""Orpis du Rocher de Guerre"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR096"War Rock Skyler""Skyler du Rocher de Guerre"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-FR097"War Rock Bashileos""Bashileos du Rocher de Guerre"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR098"War Rock Ordeal""Épreuve du Rocher de Guerre"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-FR099"Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou""Oto-Hime du Monde Virtuel - Toutou"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-FR100"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, Dragon de la Barrière de Glace"Starlight RareEffect Synchro Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
BLVO-DE000"War Rock Mountain""Berg des Kriegsfelsens"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-DE001"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10""Bewaffneter Drache Donner LV10"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-DE002"Armed Dragon Thunder LV7""Bewaffneter Drache Donner LV7"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE003"Armed Dragon Thunder LV5""Bewaffneter Drache Donner LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE004"Armed Dragon Thunder LV3""Bewaffneter Drache Donner LV3"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE005"Armed Dragon LV10 White""Bewaffneter Drache LV10 Weiß"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE006"Springans Rockey""Springans Rockey"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE007"Springans Pedor""Springans Pedor"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE008"Springans Branga""Springans Branga"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE009"Springans Captain Sargas""Springans-Kapitän Sargas"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE010"Tri-Brigade Kitt""Sta-Brigade Kitt"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE011"S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru""S-Kraft Rappa Chiyomaru"Secret RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE012"S-Force Professor DiGamma""S-Kraft Professor DiGamma"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE013"S-Force Orrafist""S-Kraft Orrafist"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE014"S-Force Gravitino""S-Kraft Gravitino"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE015"S-Force Pla-Tina""S-Kraft Pla-Tina"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE016"Windwitch - Blizzard Bell""Windhexe - Blizzardglocke"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-DE017"Windwitch - Freeze Bell""Windhexe - Frostglocke"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE018"Fabled Marcosia""Sagenhafter Marcosia"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE019"The Fabled Abanc""Der sagenhafte Abanc"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-DE020"Parametalfoes Melcaster""Parametallfose-Melcaster"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-DE021"Metalfoes Vanisher""Metallfose-Verschwindender"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-DE022"Constellar Caduceus""Sternzeichen-Kundler Hermestab"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE023"Digital Bug Registrider""Digitalkäfer Registläufer"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE024"Maha Vailo, Light of the Heavens""Maha Vailo, Licht des Himmels"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE025"Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng""Alte Krieger - Rebellischer Lu Feng"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE026"Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Disciple""Neiroy, die Traumspiegel-Jüngerin"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE027"Machina Unclaspare""Maschinenwesen Ersatzöffner"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE028"Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat""Live☆Zwilling Lil-la-Süßes"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-DE029"Heavenly Zephyr - Miradora""Himmlischer Zephir - Miradora"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-DE030"Fairy Archer Ingunar""Feenbogenschützin Ingunar"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE031"Radiant Vouirescence""Strahlende Vouireszenz"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE032"Gigathunder Giclops""Gigadonner-Gigaklop"CommonEffect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BLVO-DE033"Amanokujaki""Amanokujaki"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-DE034"Guitar Gurnards Duonigis""Gitarren-Gurnards Duonigis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE035"Wightbaking""Wichtröster"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE036"Ojama Pink""Pinker Ojama"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE037"Knight of Armor Dragon""Ritter des Rüstungsdrachen"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-DE038"Sprind the Irondash Dragon""Sprind der Eisenspurt-Drache"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-DE039"Parametalfoes Azortless""Parametallfose-Azortless"Super RareEffect Fusion Pendulum Monster
BLVO-DE040"Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord""Eldlich der verrückte goldene Lord"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-DE041"Dual Avatar - Empowered Mitsu-Jaku""Doppelavatar - Ermächtigter Mitsu-Jaku"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-DE042"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Tormentor""Oneiros, der Traumspiegel-Peiniger"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-DE043"Windwitch - Diamond Bell""Windhexe - Diamantglocke"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-DE044"Fabled Andwraith""Sagenhafter Andwraith"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-DE045"Dragunity Knight - Gormfaobhar""Dracheneinheit-Ritter - Gormfaobhar"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-DE046"Springans Ship - Exblowrer""Springans-Schiff - Exblowrer"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-DE047"Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton""Heiliges Baumungeheuer, Hyperyton"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-DE048"S-Force Justify""S-Kraft Justify"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-DE049"Heavymetalfoes Amalgam""Schwermetallfose-Amalgam"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-DE050"Underworld Goddess of the Closed World""Unterweltgöttin der geschlossenen Welt"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-DE051"Armed Dragon Flash""Bewaffneter Drachenfunke"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-DE052"Armed Dragon Blitz""Bewaffneter Drachenstrahl"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-DE053"Armed Dragon Lightning""Bewaffneter Drachenblitz"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-DE054"Springans Watch""Springans-Beobachtung"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-DE055"Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda""Großes Sandmeer - Gold Golgonda"Super RareField Spell Card
BLVO-DE056"Tri-Brigade Rendezvous""Treffpunkt der Sta-Brigade"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-DE057"S-Force Bridgehead""S-Kraft-Brückenkopf"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-DE058"S-Force Showdown""S-Kraft-Machtprobe"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-DE059"Windwitch Chimes""Windhexen-Glocken"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-DE060"Stairway to a Fabled Realm""Treppe in ein sagenhaftes Reich"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-DE061"Parametalfoes Fusion""Parametallfose-Fusion"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-DE062"Seven Cities of the Golden Land""Sieben Städte des goldenen Landes"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-DE063"Archfiend's Staff of Despair""Erzunterweltler-Stab der Verzweiflung"CommonEquip Spell Card
BLVO-DE064"Armor Dragon Ritual""Ritual des Rüstungsdrachen"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-DE065"Pot of Prosperity""Topf des Wohlstands"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Normal Spell Card
BLVO-DE066"Tilted Try""Wütender Betrugsversuch"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-DE067"Armed Dragon Thunderbolt""Bewaffneter Drachenblitzschlag"Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE068"Springans Call!""Springans-Aufruf!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE069"Springans Blast!""Springans-Explosion!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE070"Dogmatika Genesis""Dogmatika-Ernennung"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE071"S-Force Specimen""S-Kraft-Exemplar"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE072"Icy Breeze Refrain""Eisbrisen-Refrain"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE073"Fabled Treason""Sagenhafter Verrat"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE074"Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path""Alte Krieger-Sage - Ritterlicher Pfad"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-DE075"Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu""Tor der Virtualwelt - Xuanwu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-DE076"Dual Avatar Ascendance""Doppelavatar-Einfluss"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE077"Dream Mirror Recap""Traumspiegel-Nacherzählung"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-DE078"E.M.R.""E.M.S."Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE079"Angel Statue - Azurune""Engelsstatue - Azurune"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-DE080"Linear Equation Cannon""Lineare-Gleichungs-Kanone"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE081"Materiactor Gigadra""Materiaktor Gigadra"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE082"Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX""Tobender Sturmdrache - Beaufort IX"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-DE083"Coordius the Triphasic Dealmon""Coordius der Dreiphasen-Pakt-Dämon"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-DE084"Materiactor Gigaboros""Materiaktor Gigaboros"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-DE085"Steel Star Regulator""Stahlstern-Regler"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-DE086"Breath of Acclamation""Hauch des Lobes"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-DE087"Greater Polymerization""Größere Polymerisation"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-DE088"Reinforcement of the Army's Troops""Verstärkung für die Armeetruppen"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-DE089"Psychic Eraser Laser""Psi-Löschlaser"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-DE090"Synchro Transmission""Synchro-Übertragung"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE091"Pendulum Encore""Pendelzugabe"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-DE092"Underdog""Außenseiter"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-DE093"War Rock Fortia""Kriegsfels-Fortia"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE094"War Rock Gactos""Kriegsfels-Gactos"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE095"War Rock Orpis""Kriegsfels-Orpis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE096"War Rock Skyler""Kriegsfels-Skyler"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-DE097"War Rock Bashileos""Kriegsfels-Bashileos"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE098"War Rock Ordeal""Feuerprobe des Kriegsfelsens"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-DE099"Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou""Oto-Hime der Virtualwelt - Toutou"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-DE100"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, Drache der Eisbarriere"Starlight RareEffect Synchro Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
BLVO-IT000"War Rock Mountain""Montagna Roccia di Guerra"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-IT001"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10""Drago Armato Tuono LV10"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-IT002"Armed Dragon Thunder LV7""Drago Armato Tuono LV7"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT003"Armed Dragon Thunder LV5""Drago Armato Tuono LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT004"Armed Dragon Thunder LV3""Drago Armato Tuono LV3"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT005"Armed Dragon LV10 White""Drago Armato LV10 Bianco"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT006"Springans Rockey""Springans Rockey"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT007"Springans Pedor""Springans Pedor"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT008"Springans Branga""Springans Branga"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT009"Springans Captain Sargas""Springans Capitano Sargas"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT010"Tri-Brigade Kitt""Tri-Brigata Kitt"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT011"S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru""S-Forza Rappa Chiyomaru"Secret RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT012"S-Force Professor DiGamma""S-Forza Professore DiGamma"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT013"S-Force Orrafist""S-Forza Orrafist"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT014"S-Force Gravitino""S-Forza Gravitino"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT015"S-Force Pla-Tina""S-Forza Pla-Tina"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT016"Windwitch - Blizzard Bell""Ventostrega - Campanella della Bufera"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-IT017"Windwitch - Freeze Bell""Ventostrega - Campanella del Freddo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT018"Fabled Marcosia""Il Favoloso Marcosia"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT019"The Fabled Abanc""Il Favoloso F. Abanc"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-IT020"Parametalfoes Melcaster""Parametalfosi Melcaster"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-IT021"Metalfoes Vanisher""Metalfosi Vaporizzatore"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-IT022"Constellar Caduceus""Costellazione Caduceo"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT023"Digital Bug Registrider""Bug Digitale Registinatori"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT024"Maha Vailo, Light of the Heavens""Maha Vailo, Luce del Paradiso"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT025"Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng""Antichi Guerrieri - Lu Feng il Ribelle"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT026"Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Disciple""Neiroy, il Discepolo Specchio dei Sogni"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT027"Machina Unclaspare""Mek Rilasciscorta"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT028"Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat""Live☆Gemella Lil-la Dolcetto"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-IT029"Heavenly Zephyr - Miradora""Zefiro Celeste - Miradora"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-IT030"Fairy Archer Ingunar""Arciere Fatato Ingunar"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT031"Radiant Vouirescence""Vouirescenza Radiante"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT032"Gigathunder Giclops""Giclope Gigatuono"CommonEffect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BLVO-IT033"Amanokujaki""Amanokujaki"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-IT034"Guitar Gurnards Duonigis""Gallinelle Chitarra Duonigis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT035"Wightbaking""Spettrocottura"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT036"Ojama Pink""Ojama Rosa"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT037"Knight of Armor Dragon""Cavaliere della Drago Corazza"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-IT038"Sprind the Irondash Dragon""Sprind il Drago Ferrocorsa"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-IT039"Parametalfoes Azortless""Parametalfosi Azortless"Super RareEffect Fusion Pendulum Monster
BLVO-IT040"Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord""Spettralich il Pazzo Signore Dorato"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-IT041"Dual Avatar - Empowered Mitsu-Jaku""Duplice Avatar - Mitsu-Jaku Potenziato"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-IT042"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Tormentor""Oneiros, il Tormentatore Specchio dei Sogni"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-IT043"Windwitch - Diamond Bell""Ventostrega - Campanella di Diamante"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-IT044"Fabled Andwraith""Il Favoloso Andwraith"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-IT045"Dragunity Knight - Gormfaobhar""Cavaliere Dragunità - Gormfaobhar"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-IT046"Springans Ship - Exblowrer""Nave Springans - Exblowrer"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-IT047"Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton""Bestia Albero Sacro, Hyperyton"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-IT048"S-Force Justify""S-Forza Justify"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-IT049"Heavymetalfoes Amalgam""Pesanmetalfosi Amalgam"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-IT050"Underworld Goddess of the Closed World""Dea del Mondo Sotterraneo del Mondo Chiuso"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-IT051"Armed Dragon Flash""Lampo Drago Armato"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-IT052"Armed Dragon Blitz""Blitz Drago Armato"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-IT053"Armed Dragon Lightning""Fulmine Drago Armato"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-IT054"Springans Watch""Osservazione Springans"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-IT055"Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda""Grande Mare di Sabbia - Gold Golgonda"Super RareField Spell Card
BLVO-IT056"Tri-Brigade Rendezvous""Incontro Tri-Brigata"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-IT057"S-Force Bridgehead""Testa di Ponte S-Forza"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-IT058"S-Force Showdown""Scontro Finale S-Forza"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-IT059"Windwitch Chimes""Scampanio Ventostrega"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-IT060"Stairway to a Fabled Realm""Scalinata verso Il Favoloso Reame"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-IT061"Parametalfoes Fusion""Fusione Parametalfosi"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-IT062"Seven Cities of the Golden Land""Sette Città della Terra Dorata"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-IT063"Archfiend's Staff of Despair""Bastone della Disperazione dell'Arcidemone"CommonEquip Spell Card
BLVO-IT064"Armor Dragon Ritual""Rituale Drago Corazza"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-IT065"Pot of Prosperity""Giara della Prosperità"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Normal Spell Card
BLVO-IT066"Tilted Try""Tentativo in Tilt"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-IT067"Armed Dragon Thunderbolt""Colpo di Tuono Drago Armato"Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT068"Springans Call!""Richiamo Springans!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT069"Springans Blast!""Esplosione Springans!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT070"Dogmatika Genesis""Genesi Dogmatika"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT071"S-Force Specimen""Esemplare S-Forza"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT072"Icy Breeze Refrain""Ritornello Brezza Ghiacciata"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT073"Fabled Treason""Il Favoloso Tradimento"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT074"Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path""Saga Antichi Guerrieri - Sentiero Cavalleresco"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-IT075"Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu""Cancello Mondo Virtuale - Xuanwu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-IT076"Dual Avatar Ascendance""Supremazia Duplice Avatar"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT077"Dream Mirror Recap""Riepilogo Specchio dei Sogni"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-IT078"E.M.R.""C.E.M."Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT079"Angel Statue - Azurune""Statua Angelo - Azurune"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-IT080"Linear Equation Cannon""Cannone Equazione Lineare"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT081"Materiactor Gigadra""Materiattore Gigadra"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT082"Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX""Drago Tempesta Furiosa - Beaufort IX"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-IT083"Coordius the Triphasic Dealmon""Coordius il Pattemone Trifasico"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-IT084"Materiactor Gigaboros""Materiattore Gigaboros"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-IT085"Steel Star Regulator""Regolatore di Stelle d'Acciaio"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-IT086"Breath of Acclamation""Respiro di Acclamazione"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-IT087"Greater Polymerization""Polimerizzazione Maggiore"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-IT088"Reinforcement of the Army's Troops""Truppe dei Rinforzi dell'Esercito"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-IT089"Psychic Eraser Laser""Laser Cancellatore Psichico"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-IT090"Synchro Transmission""Synchro Trasmissione"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT091"Pendulum Encore""Replica Pendulum"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-IT092"Underdog""Sfavorito"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-IT093"War Rock Fortia""Roccia di Guerra Fortia"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT094"War Rock Gactos""Roccia di Guerra Gactos"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT095"War Rock Orpis""Roccia di Guerra Orpis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT096"War Rock Skyler""Roccia di Guerra Skyler"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-IT097"War Rock Bashileos""Roccia di Guerra Bashileos"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT098"War Rock Ordeal""Ordalia Roccia di Guerra"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-IT099"Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou""Oto-Hime Mondo Virtuale - Toutou"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-IT100"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, Drago della Barriera di Ghiaccio"Starlight RareEffect Synchro Monster

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
BLVO-PT000"War Rock Mountain""Montanha Caverguerra"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-PT001"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10""Dragão Armado do Trovão LV10"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-PT002"Armed Dragon Thunder LV7""Dragão Armado do Trovão LV7"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT003"Armed Dragon Thunder LV5""Dragão Armado do Trovão LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT004"Armed Dragon Thunder LV3""Dragão Armado do Trovão LV3"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT005"Armed Dragon LV10 White""Dragão Armado LV10 Branco"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT006"Springans Rockey""Springans Rockey"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT007"Springans Pedor""Springans Pedor"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT008"Springans Branga""Springans Branga"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT009"Springans Captain Sargas""Springans Capitão Sargas"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT010"Tri-Brigade Kitt""Kitt da Tri-Brigada"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT011"S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru""Força-S Rappa Chiyomaru"Secret RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT012"S-Force Professor DiGamma""Força-S Professor DiGama"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT013"S-Force Orrafist""Força-S Orrafist"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT014"S-Force Gravitino""Força-S Gravitino"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT015"S-Force Pla-Tina""Força-S Pla-Tina"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT016"Windwitch - Blizzard Bell""Ventobruxa - Sino da Nevasca"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-PT017"Windwitch - Freeze Bell""Ventobruxa - Sino Congelante"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT018"Fabled Marcosia""Marcosia Mitológico"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT019"The Fabled Abanc""Abanc, o Mitológico"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-PT020"Parametalfoes Melcaster""Parametalmorfose Melcaster"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-PT021"Metalfoes Vanisher""Metalmorfose Voraz"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-PT022"Constellar Caduceus""Constelar Caduceu"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT023"Digital Bug Registrider""Inseto Digital Registrider"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT024"Maha Vailo, Light of the Heavens""Maha Vailo, Luz dos Céus"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT025"Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng""Guerreiros Antigos - Rebelde Lu Feng"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT026"Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Disciple""Neiroy, o Discípulo do Espelho Onírico"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT027"Machina Unclaspare""Catártico Autômato"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT028"Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat""Live☆Gêmea Lil-la Travessa"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-PT029"Heavenly Zephyr - Miradora""Zéfiro Celeste - Miradora"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-PT030"Fairy Archer Ingunar""Arqueira Feérica Ingunar"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT031"Radiant Vouirescence""Guivrecente Radiante"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT032"Gigathunder Giclops""Giclope Gigatrovão"CommonEffect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BLVO-PT033"Amanokujaki""Amanokujaki"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-PT034"Guitar Gurnards Duonigis""Duonigis Bacamartes Guitarristas"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT035"Wightbaking""Cozinheiro Inumano"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT036"Ojama Pink""Ojama Rosa"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT037"Knight of Armor Dragon""Cavaleiro do Dragão Blindagem"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-PT038"Sprind the Irondash Dragon""Mecanorde, o Dragão do Projétil de Ferro"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-PT039"Parametalfoes Azortless""Parametalmorfose Azortless"Super RareEffect Fusion Pendulum Monster
BLVO-PT040"Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord""Eldlich, o Senhor Dourado Louco"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-PT041"Dual Avatar - Empowered Mitsu-Jaku""Dois Avatares - Mitsu-Jaku Edificado"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-PT042"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Tormentor""Oniro, o Atormentador do Espelho Onírico"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-PT043"Windwitch - Diamond Bell""Ventobruxa - Sino de Diamante"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-PT044"Fabled Andwraith""Andwraith Mitológico"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-PT045"Dragunity Knight - Gormfaobhar""Cavaleiro Dragunidade - Gormfaobhar"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-PT046"Springans Ship - Exblowrer""Nave Springans - Exblowrer"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-PT047"Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton""Bestia Albero Sacro, Hyperyton"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-PT048"S-Force Justify""Força-S Justify"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-PT049"Heavymetalfoes Amalgam""Metalmorfose Pesado Amalgam"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-PT050"Underworld Goddess of the Closed World""Deusa do Submundo do Mundo Fechado"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-PT051"Armed Dragon Flash""Lampejo do Dragão Armado"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-PT052"Armed Dragon Blitz""Blitz do Dragão Armado"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-PT053"Armed Dragon Lightning""Relâmpago do Dragão Armado"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-PT054"Springans Watch""Observação Springans"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-PT055"Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda""Grande Mar de Areia - Gold Golgonda"Super RareField Spell Card
BLVO-PT056"Tri-Brigade Rendezvous""Ponto de Encontro da Tri-Brigada"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-PT057"S-Force Bridgehead""Cabeça de Ponte Força-S"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-PT058"S-Force Showdown""Confronto Força-S"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-PT059"Windwitch Chimes""Badaladas Ventobruxa"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-PT060"Stairway to a Fabled Realm""Escadaria para um Reino Mitológico"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-PT061"Parametalfoes Fusion""Fusão Parametalmorfose"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-PT062"Seven Cities of the Golden Land""Sete Cidades da Terra Dourada"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-PT063"Archfiend's Staff of Despair""Cajado do Desespero do Arquidemônio"CommonEquip Spell Card
BLVO-PT064"Armor Dragon Ritual""Cavaleiro do Dragão Blindagem"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-PT065"Pot of Prosperity""Pote da Prosperidade"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Normal Spell Card
BLVO-PT066"Tilted Try""Tentativa Frustrada"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-PT067"Armed Dragon Thunderbolt""Raio do Dragão Armado"Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT068"Springans Call!""Chamado Springans!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT069"Springans Blast!""Explosão Springans!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT070"Dogmatika Genesis""Gênesis Dogmatika"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT071"S-Force Specimen""Espécime Força-S"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT072"Icy Breeze Refrain""Refrão do Vento Gélido"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT073"Fabled Treason""Traição Mitológica"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT074"Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path""Saga dos Guerreiros Antigos - Caminho Valoroso"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-PT075"Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu""Portão do Mundo Virtual - Xuanwu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-PT076"Dual Avatar Ascendance""Ascensão dos Dois Avatares"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT077"Dream Mirror Recap""Relato do Espelho Onírico"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-PT078"E.M.R.""C.E.M."Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT079"Angel Statue - Azurune""Estátua Angelical - Azurune"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-PT080"Linear Equation Cannon""Canhão da Equação Linear"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT081"Materiactor Gigadra""Materriator Gigadra"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT082"Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX""Dragão Furioso da Tempestade - Beaufort IX"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-PT083"Coordius the Triphasic Dealmon""Coordius, o Dealmon Trifásico"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-PT084"Materiactor Gigaboros""Materriator Gigaboros"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-PT085"Steel Star Regulator""Estrela de Aço Reguladora"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-PT086"Breath of Acclamation""Sopro da Aclamação"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-PT087"Greater Polymerization""Polimerização Maior"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-PT088"Reinforcement of the Army's Troops""Reforço das Tropas do Exército"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-PT089"Psychic Eraser Laser""Laser Apagador Psíquico"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-PT090"Synchro Transmission""Transmissão Sincro"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT091"Pendulum Encore""Bis do Pêndulo"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-PT092"Underdog""Oprimido"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-PT093"War Rock Fortia""Caverguerra Fortia"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT094"War Rock Gactos""Caverguerra Gactos"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT095"War Rock Orpis""Caverguerra Orpis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT096"War Rock Skyler""Caverguerra Skyler"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-PT097"War Rock Bashileos""Caverguerra Bashileos"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT098"War Rock Ordeal""Provação Caverguerra"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-PT099"Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou""Oto-Hime do Mundo Virtual - Toutou"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-PT100"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, o Dragão da Barreira de Gelo"Starlight RareEffect Synchro Monster

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
BLVO-SP000"War Rock Mountain""Montaña Roca de Guerra"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-SP001"Armed Dragon Thunder LV10""Dragón Armado Tronador LV10"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-SP002"Armed Dragon Thunder LV7""Dragón Armado Tronador LV7"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP003"Armed Dragon Thunder LV5""Dragón Armado Tronador LV5"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP004"Armed Dragon Thunder LV3""Dragón Armado Tronador LV3"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP005"Armed Dragon LV10 White""Dragón Armado LV10 Blanco"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP006"Springans Rockey""Springans Rockey"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP007"Springans Pedor""Springans Pedor"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP008"Springans Branga""Springans Branga"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP009"Springans Captain Sargas""Springans Capitán Sargas"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP010"Tri-Brigade Kitt""Tri-Brigada Kitt"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP011"S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru""Fuerza-S Rappa Chiyomaru"Secret RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP012"S-Force Professor DiGamma""Fuerza-S Profesor DiGamma"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP013"S-Force Orrafist""Fuerza-S Orrafist"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP014"S-Force Gravitino""Fuerza-S Gravitino"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP015"S-Force Pla-Tina""Fuerza-S Pla-Tina"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP016"Windwitch - Blizzard Bell""Vientobruja - Campana de Ventisca"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-SP017"Windwitch - Freeze Bell""Vientobruja - Campana de Helada"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP018"Fabled Marcosia""Fabuloso Marcosia"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP019"The Fabled Abanc""El Fabuloso Abanc"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-SP020"Parametalfoes Melcaster""Parametalmórfica Melcaster"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-SP021"Metalfoes Vanisher""Metalmórfico Vaporizador"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
BLVO-SP022"Constellar Caduceus""Constelación Caduceo"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP023"Digital Bug Registrider""Bicho Digital Regiscudo"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP024"Maha Vailo, Light of the Heavens""Maha Vailo, Luz de los Cielos"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP025"Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng""Antiguos Guerreros - Rebelde Lu Feng"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP026"Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Disciple""Neiroy, la Discípula del Espejo Ensueño"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP027"Machina Unclaspare""Maquinaria Desenganextra"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP028"Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat""Live☆Gemela Lil-la Dulce"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-SP029"Heavenly Zephyr - Miradora""Céfiro Celestial - Miradora"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
BLVO-SP030"Fairy Archer Ingunar""Hada Arquera Ingunar"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP031"Radiant Vouirescence""Guivrescencia Radiante"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP032"Gigathunder Giclops""Gíclope Gigatrueno"CommonEffect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BLVO-SP033"Amanokujaki""Amanokujaki"CommonEffect Tuner monster
BLVO-SP034"Guitar Gurnards Duonigis""Escarchos Guitarristas Duonigis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP035"Wightbaking""Espectroasador"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP036"Ojama Pink""Ojama Rosa"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP037"Knight of Armor Dragon""Caballero del Dragón de Armadura"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-SP038"Sprind the Irondash Dragon""Sprind el Dragón Carrera de Hierro"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-SP039"Parametalfoes Azortless""Parametalmórfico Azortless"Super RareEffect Fusion Pendulum Monster
BLVO-SP040"Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord""Arcalich el Loco Señor Dorado"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-SP041"Dual Avatar - Empowered Mitsu-Jaku""Avatar Doble - Mitsu-Jaku Empoderado"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-SP042"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Tormentor""Oniros, el Atormentador del Espejo Ensueño"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-SP043"Windwitch - Diamond Bell""Vientobruja - Campana de Diamante"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-SP044"Fabled Andwraith""Fabuloso Andwraith"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-SP045"Dragunity Knight - Gormfaobhar""Caballero Dracounidad - Gormfaobhar"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
BLVO-SP046"Springans Ship - Exblowrer""Barco Springans - Volexplorador"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-SP047"Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton""Bestia Árbol Sagrado, Hyperyton"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-SP048"S-Force Justify""Fuerza-S Justify"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-SP049"Heavymetalfoes Amalgam""Amalgam Pesadometalmórfico"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-SP050"Underworld Goddess of the Closed World""Diosa del Inframundo del Mundo Cerrado"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
BLVO-SP051"Armed Dragon Flash""Destello de Dragón Armado"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-SP052"Armed Dragon Blitz""Acometida de Dragón Armado"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-SP053"Armed Dragon Lightning""Relámpago de Dragón Armado"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-SP054"Springans Watch""Vigilancia Springans"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-SP055"Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda""Gran Mar de Arena - Gold Golgonda"Super RareField Spell Card
BLVO-SP056"Tri-Brigade Rendezvous""Encuentro Tri-Brigada"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-SP057"S-Force Bridgehead""Zona de Avanzada Fuerza-S"Secret RareField Spell Card
BLVO-SP058"S-Force Showdown""Enfrentamiento Fuerza-S"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
BLVO-SP059"Windwitch Chimes""Campanadas de Vientobruja"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-SP060"Stairway to a Fabled Realm""Escaleras a un Reino Fabuloso"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-SP061"Parametalfoes Fusion""Fusión de Parametalmórficos"CommonNormal Spell Card
BLVO-SP062"Seven Cities of the Golden Land""Siete Ciudades de la Tierra Dorada"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-SP063"Archfiend's Staff of Despair""Vara del Desespero del Archidemonio"CommonEquip Spell Card
BLVO-SP064"Armor Dragon Ritual""Ritual del Dragón de Armadura"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-SP065"Pot of Prosperity""Olla de la Prosperidad"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Normal Spell Card
BLVO-SP066"Tilted Try""Intento a Golpetazos"CommonField Spell Card
BLVO-SP067"Armed Dragon Thunderbolt""Dragón Armado Rayo"Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP068"Springans Call!""¡Llamada Springans!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP069"Springans Blast!""¡Estallido Springans!"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP070"Dogmatika Genesis""Génesis Dogmátik"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP071"S-Force Specimen""Espécimen Fuerza-S"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP072"Icy Breeze Refrain""Contención de Aire Helado"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP073"Fabled Treason""Traición Fabulosa"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP074"Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path""Saga de los Antiguos Guerreros - Sendero Caballeroso"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-SP075"Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu""Puerta del Mundo Virtual - Xuanwu"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-SP076"Dual Avatar Ascendance""Dominio Avatar Doble"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP077"Dream Mirror Recap""Recapitulación Espejo Ensueño"CommonContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-SP078"E.M.R.""C.E.M."Super RareNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP079"Angel Statue - Azurune""Estatua de Ángel - Azurune"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-SP080"Linear Equation Cannon""Cañón de Ecuación Lineal"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP081"Materiactor Gigadra""Materiactor Gigadra"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP082"Raging Storm Dragon - Beaufort IX""Dragón de Tormenta Furiosa - Beaufort IX"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
BLVO-SP083"Coordius the Triphasic Dealmon""Coordius el Tratomonio Trifásico"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
BLVO-SP084"Materiactor Gigaboros""Materiactor Gigaboros"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
BLVO-SP085"Steel Star Regulator""Regulador Estrella de Acero"CommonEffect Link Monster
BLVO-SP086"Breath of Acclamation""Soplo de Aclamación"CommonRitual Spell Card
BLVO-SP087"Greater Polymerization""Mayor Polimerización"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-SP088"Reinforcement of the Army's Troops""Refuerzo de las Tropas del Ejército"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-SP089"Psychic Eraser Laser""Láser Borrador Psíquico"Super RareNormal Spell Card
BLVO-SP090"Synchro Transmission""Transmisión de Sincronía"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP091"Pendulum Encore""Repetición de Péndulo"CommonNormal Trap Card
BLVO-SP092"Underdog""Subestimado"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
BLVO-SP093"War Rock Fortia""Roca de Guerra Fortia"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP094"War Rock Gactos""Roca de Guerra Gactos"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP095"War Rock Orpis""Roca de Guerra Orpis"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP096"War Rock Skyler""Roca de Guerra Skyler"CommonEffect Monster
BLVO-SP097"War Rock Bashileos""Roca de Guerra Bashileos"Ultra RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP098"War Rock Ordeal""Ordalía de Roca de Guerra"CommonContinuous Spell Card
BLVO-SP099"Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou""Oto-Hime del Mundo Virtual - Toutou"Super RareEffect Monster
BLVO-SP100"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, Dragón de la Barrera de Hielo"Starlight RareEffect Synchro Monster

The time allocated for running scripts has expired.

The time allocated for running scripts has expired.

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