Blast Held by a Tribute
  • Japanese: 生贄の抱く爆弾
  • Romaji: Ikenie no Dakubakudan
  • Translated: Bomb Held by a Tribute
Card type

Trap[note 1]

Plant a bomb in one monster on the field. A monster that was Summoned using that monster as a Tribute is destroyed the moment it attacks. Its ATK is dealt as damage to its player.[note 2]

Viz Media lore?: Plant a bomb in one monster. When your opponent uses that monster in a Sacrifice Summon, and the summoned monster declares an attack, destroy all face up Attack Position monsters on your opponent's side of the field and deal damage to the opponent equal to the summoned monster's ATK.


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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 生贄の抱く爆弾 場のモンスター1体に爆弾を仕掛ける。そのモンスターを生贄として召喚されたモンスターは攻撃の瞬間破壊され その攻撃ポイントがプレイヤーを直撃する



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  1. This card is instead a Spell Card in the English translation.
  2. The bomb is planted when this card is Set. It is not detonated until this card is activated. The opponent is not informed that the bomb has been planted.
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