Black Rose Dragon is one of the servants of the Crimson Dragon, commonly referred to as Signer Dragons.

Akiza Izinski is the Signer associated with Black Rose Dragon and as such possesses the "Black Rose Dragon" card.



10,000 years ago, Black Rose Dragon fought alongside the Crimson Dragon and the other Signer Dragons in the battle against Red Nova.

5,000 years later, Black Rose Dragon served the Crimson Dragon and fought alongside him and the other Dragons in the battle against the Earthbound Immortals.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Fortune Cup

Akiza often materialized Black Rose Dragon through her psychic powers and used it to terrorize people at Daimon Area.

When Akiza faced Gill Randsborg in Fortune Cup, Greiger called Black Rose Dragon a creature of ill omen that brings forth ruin and destruction, as Akiza Summoned it and used it to severely injure Randsborg.[1]

In Akiza's Fortune Cup Duel against Commander Koda, Akiza became enraged when Koda called her a monster rejected by her parents, causing her to use Black Rose Dragon to viciously attack him.[2]

Pre World Racing Grand Prix

During the World Racing Grand Prix party, Akiza materialized Black Rose Dragon to stop Dobocle from rampaging in the pre-WRGP party.[3]

Ark Cradle

On board the Divine Temple, Black Rose Dragon saved Akiza, Sherry, and Crow from being crushed by Sherry's collapsing "The Soul-Binding Gate". Afterwards it healed the trio which led Crow to believe that true Psychic powers can also heal, not just cause destruction.[4]


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