Beta Format, also referred to as Special Format in early descriptions, is a format that was used at some Win-A-Mat events. Introduced at YCS Chicago (April 10-12, 2015), it incorporates the Advanced Format with additional restrictions on Summons.[1] As of January 24, 2016 (at the latest), it is no longer being used at big events due to lack of interest.[2] This format makes a comeback in the 2017 WCQ: European Championship.[3]


Duelists Dueling under this format are each restricted to a maximum of 3 Summons per turn, with a maximum of 1 Summon from each of the following options per turn (while following the normal rules regarding Summons):[1]

Since Pendulum Summons are capable of Summoning monsters from the hand or the Extra Deck, they use up 2 of the allowed Summon options per turn (leaving only the Normal Summon/Set option). This applies even if the monsters that are Pendulum Summoned only come from the hand, or only from the Extra Deck.[1]

If card effects are applied that impose restrictions on Summoning, such as "Summon Limit" or "Vanity's Emptiness", they are applied to the restricted Summons this format enforces.[1] Flip Summons and card effects that return/place monsters on the field without Summoning, such as "Evilswarm Thunderbird" and "Wind-Up Rabbit", are unaffected by these restrictions.[4] Even if a player gains an extra Normal Summon/Set through the use of a card effect, they still cannot Normal Summon/Set more than once per turn.[1]


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