Beauty in Simplicity is a card pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5.

Card list: Beauty in Simplicity - 180 DP for 5 cards, Total of 118 cards Themes: Advanced Normal Monsters and Supports Cover: White Elephant's Gift Rarity distribution: 6 Ultra Rare, 10 Super Rare, 24 Rare, 118 Common


Ancient Rules Enchanting Fitting Room Faustian Bargain Heart of the Underdog Ojama Trio White Elephant's Gift


A Major Upset Birthright Dark Factory of Mass Production Frostosaurus Human-Wave Tactics Ojama Country Ojama Knight Summoner's Art Swing of Memories Symbols of Duty


Amulet of Ambition Attack of the Cornered Rat Battle Footballer Creature Seizure Gene-Warped Warwolf Hunter Dragon Jerry Beans Man Justi-Break Knight of the Red Lotus Luster Dragon Mad Dog of Darkness Mad Lobster Morinphen Non-Spellcasting Area Ojama Blue Ojama King Ojama Red Ojamagic Orichalcos Shunoros Sabersaurus Silent Doom Sonic Duck Soul Resurrection Soul Tiger


7 Colored Fish Acrobat Monkey Amphibian Beast Aqua Madoor Atlantean Pikeman Backup Soldier Beast of Talwar Bokoichi the Freightening Car Coach Goblin Common Charity Cosmo Queen Cyber-Tech Alligator D.D. Trainer Delta Attacker Dust Barrier Earthbound Spirit Emissary of the Afterlife Emissary of the Oasis Giant Kozaky Giant Red Seasnake Gil Garth Goblin Calligrapher Grand Tiki Elder Great Angus Huge Revolution Humanoid Slime Inpachi Island Turtle Kozaky Labyrinth Wall Luster Dragon #2 Magical Labyrinth Makiu, the Magical Mist Man-Thro' Tro' Master Kyonshee Melchid the Four-Face Beast Metal Armored Shield Mushroom Man Natural Tune Neo Aqua Madoor Nin-Ken Dog Ojama Black Ojama Delta Hurricane!! Ojama Green Ojama Yellow Ojamuscle Oppressed People Opticlops Order to Charge Order to Smash Over Limit People Running About Prevent Rat Robotic Knight Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness Sengenjin Shadow Specter Shining Abyss Skull Dog Marron Spiral Serpent Spirit Caller Spirit of the Harp Sword of the Soul-Eater Terrorking Salmon The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams The Law of the Normal The League of Uniform Nomenclature Thousand Energy Thousand-Eyes Idol Triangle Power Tri-Horned Power Two-Man Cell Battle United Resistance Wall Shadow Wingweaver Zoa

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