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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 016

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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters) GX




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Beauregard, known in the Japanese version as Ohara, is a Ra Yellow duelist. Beauregard is a heavy set duelist who's dream is to be a game designer, but is lacking when it comes to Dueling talent. Beauregard plays the part of the duelist called "Duel Giant", while Brier gave him instructions via a radio headset during duels. The duo did this to win cards by bullying Obelisk Blue students into unauthorized Ante Duels. Eventually, word gets around to Crowler who then "hires" Jaden to defeat the "Duel Giant" with hopes that he'll be able to evict him from the academy if he fails. At midnight, Jaden and his friends meet up with the Duel Giant and challenges him to a game. Eventually, he discovers Brier and Beauregard's trick, and convinces the two to battle him out in the open in exchange for not turning them in.

Beauregard made a cameo in episode 179, watching Jaden's Graduation ceremony.


When Beauregard and Brier duel along side each other as the "Duel Giant", they use a Goblin Deck, which includes high-ATK strength creatures such as "Giant Orc" that can have its drawback removed by the Union Monster "Second Goblin".

Duel Giant's Deck
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