The set contains 10 Common cards. 5 of these cards are also available as Super Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
RD/B001-JP001"Celtic Guardian"「エルフの剣士」Common
Super Rare
Normal Monster
RD/B001-JP002"Cyber Falcon"「メカファルコン」Common
Super Rare
Normal Monster
RD/B001-JP003"Necmaid Nana"「ネクメイド・ナナ」Common
Super Rare
Effect Monster
RD/B001-JP004"Psycho Burial"「サイコな埋葬」Common
Super Rare
Normal Spell Card
RD/B001-JP005"Acure Shot"「アキュア・ショット」Common
Super Rare
Normal Trap Card
RD/B001-JP006"Mokey Mokey"「もけもけ」CommonNormal Monster
RD/B001-JP007"Shovel Crusher"「シャベル・クラッシャー」CommonNormal Monster
RD/B001-JP008"Gokibore"「ゴキボール」CommonNormal Monster
RD/B001-JP009"Sky Dragon"「天空竜」CommonNormal Monster
RD/B001-JP010"Ancient Telescope"「古代の遠眼鏡」CommonNormal Spell Card

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