Battle Ox, known as Minotaurus in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It is a ka from the Shrine of Wedju, Summoned by Seto.

Its corresponding Duel Monsters card, "Battle Ox", is used by Seto Kaiba.


During the Priests, Atem and Bakura's palace ka battle, Battle Ox was summoned by Seto, after the priests worried that Atem had made himself vulnerable. Seto lacked confidence in Mahado's Magus of Illusion's strength and had Battle Ox battle Bakura's Diabound. He ordered Battle Ox to cut Diabound in two and while it failed to do, he instructed Mahado to use the opening it created to attack Diabound.[1]

As the battle continued, the priests ba became strained as they sustained their ka. Battle Ox was dismissed after Atem ordered the priests to stand down, while he took arms.[1]


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